What is it All About?

In one of my marketing classes the professor told us that there are three things that make you do what you do.

1. It gives YOU pleasure or happiness.
2. It makes other people happy. That makes YOU happy.
3. YOU don’t want to feel bad because of not doing it.

Basically it is all about YOU. I think we all know that, but most people spend their lives denying it. I think it is ok if you do things for yourself, you just have to make sure you are doing things for others too, and it is ok if it makes you feel good!

Duchess of Windmill will be about things I encounter in MY life. One of the main topics I look forward to sharing is the process of becoming domesticated. Being a homeowner and a wife offers a lot of new learning opportunities. That includes cooking (yum), cleaning (boo), and yard work (did you say something?). I will also dabble in fitness, book reviews, celebs, marriage, and whatever else might enter my mind.


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