3-Day Cleanse

Every year I say that this is the year that I am going to lose weight and get fit! Every year I seem to just gain weight and become less fit instead. 2012 feels a bit different for the Bradshaws though. We are both committed to get back to what Justin refers to as our, “fighting weight.”

Although my weight loss journey isn’t to become a professional boxer- I wouldn’t mind being tough enough to take someone out if I absolutely had too. (not in a super violent way, more of a self-defense kinda way) Therefore, my goal is to become stronger and more fit overall. Along with this goal I also want to focus on food being fuel for my body instead of a reward or a way to make myself feel better after a long, hard day. With that said, Justin, two others from work (Christy and Lisa) and myself decided to partake in a 3-Day Shakeology Cleanse. We hoped it would kick start 2012 as being our year to have more energy, more mental clarity, and more willpower to achieve all of our goals.

I will chronicle my three days starting with today, Day One. The plan we decided to follow is below.
Day One: January 2, 2012
Clinic was closed today due to the holiday so I was able to sleep in. I felt slightly lethargic from all the food I indulged in last night. Justin and I decided to go out for our last dinner before the cleanse. We shared salmon, BBQ ribs, and we each had two drinks. Then we went home for some ice cream. It seemed like a good idea until I popped on the scale this morning. I am surprised I didn’t break the thing considering it read the highest number I have ever seen while I was standing on it!!! Needless to say it gave me a good push towards my blender to make my first shake of the day.

I enjoyed one scoop of chocolate Shakeology- a Beachbody Product. (The most popular Beachbody product you have probably heard of is P90X.) I blended the scoop of Shakeology with 8 0z. of water, one tablespoon of peanut flour for extra protein and good flavor, and a handful of ice. Yum. (about 205 cals)

Justin replaced his coffee with the suggested Green Tea. Since I am not very tolerant of caffeine I opted for decaf Green Tea. It still made me feel a little funny, so I only had one cup. Justin had quite a few of the caffeinated version.

A couple of hours later Justin and I took a break from painting our basement. I decided a snack was in order since my stomach was starting to growl. I ate one organic banana. (about 100 cals)

By the time lunch rolled around I was looking forward to another shake. I blended the same amount of everything that I had for breakfast. (another 205 cals)

Justin and I continued to do house projects which was a great distraction from thinking about food. I felt that since I knew I wasn’t going to be eating like normal I ended up thinking more about it. An hour or two after lunch I ate one clementine. (40 cals)

As dinner started to approach Justin and I got really excited. A salad topped with chicken was on the menu. The only thing I was missing was low-fat or lite salad dressing. I had forgotten it on my last trip to the grocery store. Drat! Who wants to go to a grocery store the first day of a cleanse? Not me. However, I successfully made it out of there with only two bottles of salad dressing and nothing more!

Dinner turned out to be quite yummy. I made up all of the chicken that we would need for the rest of the cleanse and put each cut up chicken breast in individual Zip Loc baggies. I also chopped up baby carrots, red peppers and cucumbers to top the organic lettuce I just washed. Justin tossed his salad with Lite Italian Dressing, and I went with Lite Honey Mustard. (about 320 calories)
After dinner we let our salads settle and both did a lower intensity workout. We didn’t want to over do it after all. Plus, I was afraid I would wake up EXTRA hungry tomorrow if I burned too many calories. Justin did two 10 Minute Trainer videos (another Beachbody product), and I did my first day of 5k training which was 20 minutes total on the treadmill. My after workout snack was another clementine. (40 cals)

Before bed we made our final shake of the day and sipped it down while folding laundry. (about 205 cals) As I go to bed now I do feel a bit hungry, or is that me just thinking I should need to eat? I am not sure. I do plan to add an apple into the mix of things tomorrow, especially if I plan on working out again. An extra 100 calories will be good fuel to burn!

Both Justin and I were very productive all day and had plenty of energy! I think both of our bodies need to adjust to what it is like to eat suggested portion sizes and to not eat hundreds of calories over what our bodies really need. As long as we are consuming foods that will fuel our body we should be well on our way to meeting our healthy goals in 2012.

*Justin and I also drank plenty of water throughout the day. I think I had over 70 oz.


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