3-Day Cleanse: Day 2

Day 2: January 3, 2012

It is the end of day two. I am drinking the final shake for the day. And I have brain freeze.

I tried really hard to set myself up for success today. I packed a bag full of fruit for work, made my lunch shake so it was all ready to go when it was time, and grabbed my favorite Life Factory water bottle to keep me hydrated. How hard could the day be right?

First day back from a long weekend is always a little rough, but I arrived to work bright eyed. My coworker Lisa was set to begin her cleanse today and was probably relieved to see I wasn’t a huge grump. It happens. Trust.

The morning hours were tough as I felt extra hungry after my morning shake. I had a banana for my morning snack and a tums. Maybe my stomach was just extra acidic from all the fruit? By the time lunch rolled around I welcomed my pre-blended shake.

In the later afternoon hours I knew things were taking a turn for the worst. Lisa called from her desk, “What would you do if I ate your apple?” My immediate response, “I’d punch you.” There was no hesitation what-so-ever. We all had a good chuckle, but I am afraid it was true. I was hungry. So I immediately went and retrieved my Honey Crisp from the fridge and enjoyed my sweet, sweet apple. She will understand tomorrow when she is on dreaded day 2.

By the time I got home I was really looking forward to dinner. I let out Selby and gave her fresh water and made her dinner- all before I made my salad. Impressive I know, but it isn’t her fault I decided to do a cleanse! I washed and split up the fresh salad for Justin and I and took out the veggies. Apart of me thought, “He isn’t home yet. I could take more of the lettuce and finish it before he gets home. He’ll never know.” I flicked the chubby little devil on my shoulder and listened to the skinny pretty angel and evened it out. It was the best chicken salad I have ever had. Even better than last night’s.

Justin came home about 10 minutes after I finished my salad. Good thing he came home when he did because the chubby little devil almost made me eat his. I wish I was kidding. I tried to pass the time with the best known time sucker ever…Pinterest. I ended up just pinning on my board entitled, “Yumm…” Luckily, a fellow cleanser and friend was able to talk me out of a big ol’ steak. Thanks Christy! I hopped on the treadmill, after yelling at Justin, “I am about to order a pizza.” I did my 5k training for 20 minutes and then did a 10 minute ab video. Then it was finally final shake time.

As I reflect on my day I am glad I wasn’t defeated, but saddened by my inability to not be consumed by thinking about what I can’t eat. Thank goodness for my husband who yelled, “Good job hun” from the living room as I was running on the treadmill, for Christy telling me we are 2/3rds of the way done and GET ON THE TREAD, and for Lisa for reminding me all day that we can do this! We can do this.

One. More. Day.

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