3-Day Cleanse: Final Day!

I half expected to wake up a size four this morning. After all of the turmoil I went through yesterday, see previous blog post, you would think that would be enough to do it. However, I knew I wasn’t doing this cleanse for a quick fix. I want more than that. It isn’t going to be easy, and the road doesn’t end today. I am looking for a lifestyle change. This is just my beginning.

I rolled out of bed an hour after my super productive husband left. He was doing the cleanse with me but encountered not one, but two road blocks today. He was working with his new boss today. They first met for coffee (not part of the program) and then went out to lunch. I understand why he didn’t want to tell the guy, “Sorry, no coffee for me, but I’d love a Venti Green Tea.” And by the time lunch came to say, “Hold on. I forgot my shaker cup in the car.” That’d be weird. I get it.
I spent the day with my new coworker Lisa. Also a cleanser. She is on Day 2. I felt bad for her. Day 3 is much easier than Day 2. I still complained, because that is my way, but enjoyed different fruits throughout our lessons and a shake for lunch. Then Christy, another cleanser, told me lots of fruit can cause yeast infections. SAY WHAT?! I did not sign up to be hungry all day and uncomfortable down there. I spent a few minutes on the Google and it appears I am not at a huge risk. Phew.
By the time I got home I was pretty hungry, what’s new? Justin had a shake for dinner since he didn’t at lunch. I enjoyed his portion of chicken on my chicken salad. It was awesome. Since I had extra calories I thought, why not workout harder? Well, I did 25 minutes of a 45 minute video. Good enough for me! Especially since I was sweaty and tired. I want to continue to be successful so why over due it?
Final shake of my 3-Day Cleanse is in my belly, and I am feeling good. I look forward to report my overall weight loss when I step on the scale tomorrow morning. I will also share my overall assessment of the cleanse. For now, enjoy this lovely commercial. It is basically me-just a few months from now and as a red head.

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