The Bees Knees

According to saying I’m the bees knees is basically like saying I’m fantastic. I am not sure how accurate that is since my current boss, who is British, has never said such a thing. Then again him referring to himself as a winged insect doesn’t really seem like his cup of tea.

No matter how it is said, I am indeed feeling pretty fantastic. This past week has been a whirl wind. Wait, the past two months have been! In the beginning of November I applied on a whim for a month long study abroad in London. In the middle of November I was accepted. A the end of December I put down my deposit. Last Thursday I informed my boss of my pending adventure. Yesterday I told HR and the three doctors I work the closest with. I started my final semester of my undergrad last evening, and today I announced to the company, where I have worked for almost nine years, that I will not be returning when my plane brings me back to the wonderful USofA.
Needless to say- I. Am. Exhausted.
I received many well wishes at work today after I informed my colleagues of my summer plans. Most of the people I work with watched me blossom into a young woman after I first joined the family as a 17 year old nearing high school graduation who really had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. Most were patient and accepting as I continued to find my place in this world. As I wrote the email to send out to the company I was experiencing mixed emotions. I fought back tears multiple times this past week, but my ear-to-ear grin reminded me of all the excitement and uncertainty life can bring. It certainly makes you feel alive!
The trip abroad is a four week program called, Public Relations in the United Kingdom. I will live and study in London at Regent College. Pictured below is Regent Park. Photo courtesy of my friend Jenny who recently move to London.
As I filled people in there were two questions that seemed to be asked the most…
1. What does this mean for Justin?
2. Are you really going to leave Selby?
What this means for Justin is really what does this mean for me? This means that I have one of the most supportive husbands in the world. When I asked him what he thought of me applying to the program his immediate response was, “Go for it Babe!” I have expressed to Justin on numerous occasions that my biggest regret of not being a traditional college student was not having the opportunity to study aboard. As a married woman, and now a mom to Selby, I can’t just hop on a plane and return a semester later. A four week program seemed perfect.
He has agreed to living on a budget to help me fulfill a dream, and has told me that no matter what we will make it work. At first I wondered what the catch was. Why was he so willingly letting me leave for four weeks? Then I remembered that there is no catch when it comes to a supportive and loving marriage. Our commitment is all about helping each other live the lives we were meant to live to the fullest.
It will be hard to leave Selby since I typically miss her every time I go to bed at night and she is in her house (crate). But we’ve talked and she understands. It will also be hard to leave Justin, but we’ve managed a 12 month deployment. Four weeks is nothing. At the conclusion of my program Justin will drop Selby off at my parents to hang out with their dog Bailey for a week, and Justin will fly out to meet me in London and we will rendezvous through Europe together! Really it’s a win for everyone. Well maybe not for my parents.
In the mean time…I plan on working through the end of May to help my department train and support them through the transition. I also need to secure a job or paid internship in the field of public relations to start when I return mid July. (The latter sure will make my supportive husband happy!) And of course, I must save money like CRAZY!
Wish us luck and stay tuned as we start this new chapter!

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