Don’t Let The Door Hit You…

Last Friday was my last day at work, and although I plan on returning as a casual, part-time employee, the end of life as I know it is over. I decided that after returning from Europe having some sort of part-time income would not only be beneficial for me but also for my marriage. Justin feels really good knowing he isn’t going to be the sole earner. After all, people keep telling me the job market is horrible, and emails keep arriving stating, “Thank you for your interest in such and such position, but we have decided to pursue someone with more experience.” So, a little income isn’t going to hurt anybody!

I couldn’t leave work without a proper send off even if my return is looking inevitable due to our economy. Luckily, a few of my co-workers felt the same and decided that we needed to have a happy hour, even though we all knew it would turn into happy hours, to celebrate my departure.

Although I rarely recommend celebrating with a round of shots, let’s face it, we aren’t 22 anymore, we thought it was necessary at the time. In hindsight, it wasn’t, but we sure had a good time!


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