The Perils of Packing

The first time I went to Europe was in February of 2005. I went with three friends from high school and visited London and Paris. I was a brunette, wore a ton of clothing from the Gap and was a bit skinnier than I am now. I packed two suitcases full of things I really didn’t need, and I was gone for 10 days.

Red phone booth in London. 

The second time I went to Europe I went with my then, older brother’s girlfriend, who is now sister-in-law, Georgia.  I took some notes from February of that year and down sized to one suitcase. It was September of 2005 and we visited Italy and Greece. The weather was nicer so my clothes weren’t as bulky, but mostly still from the Gap. My hair was lighter, but still darker than normal. I was gone for 14 days.

Georgia and I at the top of the Acropolis – City of Athens in the background.

This time I am going to London with high hopes of weekend trips to Scotland, Paris, Ireland and Belgium. I am packing for about 33 days, and I really don’t have any idea where to start. I will be returning to Europe as a blonde and if most of my clothes are from the Gap it is because they are severely outdated. (sadly, the Gap obsession ended when my discount did.) I will be cramming as much as possible into one, relatively normal sized, hot pink suitcase for this adventure. I am hoping I have learned a thing or two about packing over the last seven years, and won’t make any rookie mistakes. However, I have never traveled with the intent to stay some where long enough to feel like I am living there. I will have a room that I don’t need to check out of, my suitcase will be unpacked, and I will be able to receive mail from the postal service if I wanted too. The only thing really missing will be my husband and dog. Because home can’t be anywhere they are not.


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