Top 10 London Essentials

As I decide how to tackle my packing project I decided to make a list of the “must haves” while I am in London. Granted a lot of things can be purchased once I get there; however, some of these items are things I just can’t risk not being able to find once I get there. 
1. Keens Toyah MJ– I was told by multiple people that Keens are the way to go when traveling by foot. Although they may not be the most stylish, especially paired with a chic pencil skirt, they will be my shoe of choice while abroad. So fellow classmates, pictures knees up please! 
2. The weather isn’t quite as warm in London as it is in Minnesota. Since when does Minnesota have better weather? Anyway, I wanted a loose fitting skirt to wear on the cooler days and on the warmer days. Although the jersey material doesn’t suit my body type 100% I think it will be worth it to have, and good thing I am not looking for a suitor!  
3. Red Trench Coat– London is rainy, and if my hair is gonna look horrible I may as well have a cute coat to go along with it!  
4. It was suggested that we bring our own sheets to the school. As this will be my only college dorm experience, and I will not use these sheets again, why not go with pink polka dots? 
5. It was suggested we don’t bring our laptops abroad. How will I ever conveniently update my blog from a rad coffee shop or pub without it? It will be coming with me. No questions asked. 
6. Harry Potter Studio Tour tickets can be purchased abroad, but since I already have mine I don’t want to forget them! I can’t wait! 
7. Asics Gel Nimbus running shoes- I need to keep working on my fitness while I am away, and what better way to see the city than by jogging through it?
8. Tums– My stomach, in most instances, is feeling a little wonky. Even on my wedding day a good friend gifted me with some before leaving for the church. So, they will be coming with me to London as well! 
9. Kipling Cross-Body Travel Bag– It is water-resistant, can store a lot of goods, and can be warn across the body for safer keeping. Seems like a win to me! 
10. Jimmy Choo Eyeglasses– My distance vision has regressed just a little since having LASIK eye surgery in 2006. In order to clearly see the theater performers in London’s West End I better not forget them.


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