Bon Voyage

I am currently sitting in an airport I have never been to before: Charlotte, North Carolina. I have actually never been to either Carolina before. However, there will be no exploring of the Carolinas on this trip. I will be leaving this airport in about two hours with the destination of the Gatwick Airport in London, England. 

I left my house this morning continually fighting off tears but was more than once defeated. The thought of leaving Justin and Selby for more than three weeks became a less than desirable idea. And although I am thrilled and excited to be going on this journey it is still freaking me out. 
I have theories for my emotions of course- hormones, lack of sleep, pushing my comfort zone to the max, the deployment gave me some attachment issues, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. All I know is that I have grown to believe that I can do anything as long as Justin is by my side supporting me. He may not be sitting next to me now (much to my dismay), but I am happy to know he is thinking about me and supporting me from Minnesota. And I very much look forward to when he joins me in Europe in about 25 days! Yay! 
As I continue on my journey to London my goal is to survive my next flight- the much longer leg of my journey. My trip to NC was uneventful and quite quick. It was two and a half hours of reading and fighting off sleep. There was a little turbulence towards the end which made the lady next to me break the third commandment. But in the end, the pilot delivered a very soft landing that I didn’t even notice but very much appreciated.  
So, here is to hoping I sleep a majority of the flight to London, there is very little turbulence, and I feel like it went by pretty quickly instead of watching the clock the whole time!
Good-bye for now, you’ll hear from me when I reach…London, Baby! 

“Don’t be afraid to expand yourself, to step out of your comfort zone. That’s where the joy and the adventure lie.” Herbie Hancock


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