Can I Help You? No, I am Good.

A severely delayed flight, due to a broken right wing, (not a political joke) allows me to blog twice from the lovely Charlotte airport. Thank goodness they have free, working wi-fi.

Since boarding, deplaning, almost boarding again, and then waiting again, I have had a chance to use the airport bathroom many, many times. I typically go at least three times within the 30 minutes prior to boarding (must be a nervous habit) and due to those frequent visits I have noticed something about the south. Their bathrooms more than likely will have a bathroom attendant.

We first encountered this last Fall when we went to Virginia for a friend’s wedding. I thought it may have been unique to the bar we were at; however, after spending over seven hours in the Charlotte airport I am wondering if it is a trait of the south?

I suppose it is a nice service, but I really don’t know what I should do with them. The attendants have mouth wash, mints, feminine products and a tip jar. I understand that if I use one of those amenities I should tip them something, right? But what if I don’t? Then I just walk by, which I have about 10 times, and feel a little silly that I am not giving them anything. They are after all making sure the bathroom doesn’t get yucky. And if you can’t tell if a stall is open they are certainly keeping an eye on it for you and assisting the traffic.

Should I be tipping someone for keeping the bathroom clean? Or is it something that should be done anyway? Or is this a case where they are paid a shockingly low wage, and hope their tips make up for it, similar to restaurant wait staff? I just don’t know. And the unfortunate part is I am going to be visiting them another three times soon and frankly, I am kind of upset I have to keep rotating bathrooms so the person doesn’t start wondering what is wrong with me.


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