Old Friends and New Drinks

It was rough getting up yesterday morning. I did not feel well rested and ended up going back to bed for about 30 extra minutes which really seemed to help. Then it was time to get ready for our first class. Luckily the teacher went easy on us and made it an orientation day. We went over our syllabus and what is expected out of us for the next three and a half weeks.

We had a really great guest speaker as well. Crispin Manners, who works for Kaizo PR, which is a smaller firm here in London. They have done some remarkable things, and it so fun to hear about the potential in my field. They also have a partner company in Minneapolis, Padilla Speer Beardsley, which is even more exciting! He might even be able to help me get a informational interview or something. He had some funny things to say and one of my favorites was when he referred to PR people as, “The Real People.”

After class we ate lunch in the Refectory, and enjoyed some very British bangers and mash. Yep, and I even ate it!!! Lunch made me quite sleepy so I snuck in a little nap. Jet lag is hurting me real bad!!!

Holy Potatoes! Bangers & Mash

After my nap I went and met my friend, Jenny, who I went to high school with. She moved her last fall, with her now fiance, who is going to graduate school in London. It was so lovely to see her. She actually works about one block from my college. Pretty awesome! We walked to a french coffee shop and enjoyed two cappuccinos- mine decaf of course, even though I was so freaking tired. We also shared a piece of carrot cake. Yum.

Jen’s Treat to me

After our little date we walked back towards Regent’s College and Regent’s Park. She took me on a quick tour of the park, which is one of the royal parks, and then I showed here where I was staying. 

The Roses Are Massive! 

The Queen Likes a Well Manicured Park

Jenny had to leave to meet someone else in the city so I was left to explore on my own before I met up with some other students. I ended up taking the tube to Westminster Abbey. I knew how to get there for sure so I figured it wouldn’t be too risky. I did see the abbey last time I was in London, but it is so fun to see, especially after the Royal wedding in 2011. I am hoping to attend a mass there while I am here. It might get long, but hey, it is Westminster Abbey! 

Hand Down The Best Abbey I’ve Ever Seen

And after my little adventure I decided to meet up with some of the girls who are also here for the seminar. We went to a pub down the road for some Pimm’s, which I was dying to try. It was pretty good, and I am hoping to find some to bring back with me. Also, we realized it isn’t customary to always tip here. We still have been tipping, even if it isn’t the typical 15-20 percent, and they seem very grateful. 

It’s Pimm’s O’ Clock

After Pimm’s, which a local told me I chose a crap place to get it, three of us headed to grab a bite to eat. The first place we tried told us, after they seated us, that the kitchen just closed. We ended up at an Italian restaurant, and I enjoyed some really great risotto and a glass of Pinot Grigio. 
I was hoping the food and the wine would help me sleep, but I wasn’t so lucky. I ended up staring at the wall until about 3:00 a.m. Come on jet lag! Just let me win! Luckily, there were fewer drunk people and a lot less vomit. I’d say that is a plus!


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