A Stroll Through The Park

This morning turned out to be a very relaxing morning. Everyone who went out last night slept until close to 1:00 p.m. so most of the morning hours, and some of the afternoon, I spent by myself. I headed down for breakfast around 9:30 a.m. I brought my computer with so I could update my blog as well as send some emails. After finishing breakfast and sitting in the refectory for quite some time I decided to head back towards my room. I was feeling a little tired and lethargic so I wanted to get changed and take a run through Regent’s Park again.

As I was walking towards the trails I decided to snap a few shots of the campus so I could show you what the grounds look like.
Dorm- Reid Hall

Regent’s College- Reid Hall Straight Ahead
Regent’s College Courtyard
The Road Leading up to School

Since getting lost the first time I ran through Regent’s Park, I think I have a better understanding of the shape and size of the whole park. I knew I had plenty of time to wander so I did just that and didn’t care if I got a little lost again. I would stop to take pictures or simply just slow down to a stroll in order to fully take in the scenery. 
The Lake at Regent’s Park

Funny Looking Birds/Ducks

More Birds/Ducks

I realized on my run that a bird, duck or squirrel will not get out of the way for you. If anything, they will waddle directly into your running path. I wonder how many sprained ankles are a result of a careless, feathered friend? I was able to avoid them for the most part and made my way to a new part of the park I hadn’t seen before, The Avenue Gardens. There are also plenty of playing fields so the English can participate in their religion, football! 
Little Football People

Regent’s Park

Avenue Gardens- Regent’s Park

After my run around the park I grabbed a bite to eat for lunch before the refectory stopped serving for the afternoon. (We get 10 pounds a day to use for food in the refectory so I try to eat there as much as I can to save money.) Then it was time to get ready to meet my friend Jenny for some gelato! We met right at Covent Garden Station since I wouldn’t be able to contact here once I got there. It becomes very apparent how much you rely on your smart phone once it becomes useless. 
There were quite a few shops surrounding the market in Covent Garden. Jenny described the area as romantic and it certainly was. I’d like to go back again for more exploring, but maybe I will wait until Justin comes! 
British Pride

Outside of the Market

After enjoying our gelato we went to the Victoria & Albert Museum. Unfortunately we arrived too late to see the Ballgowns exhibit. We walked around where we could for no charge at the museum and then headed towards a wine shop that one of her flatmates works at.

The wine shop has an innovative way for you to taste test certain wines before purchasing. The wine dispensing machines are called Enomatic. I hadn’t seen anything like it before. All you need is a card that is preloaded with money and you can enjoy as much or as little wine as you would like. 
The Enomatic! 

Troj Getting Her First Bit of Wine

Friends Reunited & Catching up Over Vino

Shortly after enjoying some wine I left to go meet some other students for dinner. They were near Piccadilly Circus attending a movie premier. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate them, but they had a good time seeing the stars of Rock of Ages and listening to their interviews. 
Piccadilly Circus
Very Wet Piccadilly Circus
Since my trip to Piccadilly was unsuccessful I grabbed some good on the way home and heated it up in our floor’s kitchen. Since then I have been catching up on some emails and getting ready for bed. Tomorrow starts the first full week of class for our PR and the UK seminar. I better get some sleep!


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