The Adventures of Brighton and Nighttime

Yesterday was a good day! I felt more rested than I have for most of this trip so far which means I may be getting a handle on my jet lag. Some of us girls met for breakfast and then decided to leave just about 30 minutes later for Brighton. One of the girls was dead set on going, and we are all very glad she was.

There were six of us girls total who decided to make the trip to the coast. Once again we didn’t have too much trouble navigating the tube; however, we ended up creating quite the line to purchase our overground train tickets. As we headed to our platform to board our train we were told the doors were about to close. We all made a mad dash to jump on the train. One of the girls, Jenn, didn’t quite make it all the way through and had the door close on her arm. I tried to help pry the door open, which wasn’t about to budge. The gentleman outside the door ended up helping set her free. Thank goodness. I thought all was well until I saw a lone girl, Jenny, standing outside the train door, with a slightly terrified look on her face, and sadly waving to us, good-bye.

Jenn, Tacy, Cassie and Gloria on the Train to Brighton.

We all said a quick prayer that Jenny hopped on the next train to Brighton which was set to leave just a few minutes after ours. As we got off our train we waited for other arrivals and hoped to see Jenny step off one of the trains.

Waiting for Trains

Luckily, Jenny ended up arriving about 5-10 minutes after we did. Once we were all together, made sure she was ok, we stopped to ask someone for a group picture. Makes sense right?
Gloria, Jenn, Me, Jenny, Cassie, Tacy- Brighton Station

The weather was in our favor with temps in the mid to high 60’s- NO RAIN! However, the coast produced more wind than the city did and man, we thought the city was windy. We walked to the beach, which was entirely made of rock (and is award winning?) and stopped for some photo taking.

Self Portrait of me and the English Channel

How Would You Like To Layout on This?

We walked our way down the boardwalk to the Brighton Pier. It was basically one big carnival. There were arcades, rides, a casino, and a lot of little sea food shacks.

Check Out That Hair- It is Blocking the Pier!

Another Self Portrait

Brighton Pier

Photo of Land From The Pier

And after our visit to the pier we started walking back towards the train station. We were looking for some where good, and hopefully not too expensive, to have lunch. We also stumbled upon the Royal Pavilion.

The Royal Pavilion

Loving Self Portraits

Me, Gloria, & Jenn Outside the Royal Pavilion

We ended up finding a great pub right outside the pavilion as well. Shortly after we arrived a wedding party came in to celebrate. Brighton is said to be the gay capitol of Britain so I was pleased to see that there were two brides celebrating! Go England!

Jenn, Jenny, and Gloria at Lunch

Me, Tacy and Cassie at Lunch

Mmm, My First Beer in London

After our long day of travel and walking around Brighton most knew the day would not be complete until we “went out.” And in effort to not be labeled the boring old lady, I decided to put on some eye liner and my young twenty something face and head out on the town as well!

I didn’t have near the experience as most of the others did because I went home around 11:45 p.m. since I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to navigate any transportation other than the tube, which was set to shut down shortly. Another girl also decided to head home instead of heading further out. It was nice to get home since I still needed to email Justin and check up on some other things. And lets be honest, I am not 21 anymore (or 20, or 19) and haven’t been for at least six years. (gasp!) So a couple of drinks seemed to be enough for me.

Pub- The Green Man

It Felt Pretty British

Me & Talar 

Most of the girls- Talar, Jenny, Alexis, Jenn, Gloria & Tacy

Tacy and Cassie Posing With The Union Jack

I look forward to hearing the rest of the stories from their fun night out. From what I know they came in about 3:45 a.m. and that was after taking two wrong buses and ended up with a taxi! I am glad everyone made it home safe and sound. I expect them to be up in time for lunch.


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