Rain…And Lots of It!!!

There isn’t much to report from today. Since we were back in the classroom at 10:00 a.m. the day flew by! I was up pretty late last night due to heart burn. I am not sure if my glass of wine before dinner, on an empty stomach, was the culprit, but either way it sure was annoying. Since I was up so late I logged on and was able to catch Justin and have a quick Facebook chat session. That is the first time we have talked real time since I left the U.S.

Shortly after the start of class we headed to our first site visit at Ketchum Pleon. We took the tube to the Liverpool Station and that dropped us to a very bustling business part of the city. The rain was coming down quite heavily since last night, and of course the one thing I didn’t pack was an umbrella.

Lobby at Ketchum Pleon

The presentation by the Ketchum practitioners was really interesting. I especially enjoyed hearing from the PR people in the healthcare division. The UK is not allowed to use advertisements to inform or sell a drug. It is very different from the U.S.

After the sight visit we were set free. We all decided to head back towards campus to have lunch in the refectory then reconvene after getting cleaned up and dried off. We decided the best way to spend our afternoon would be to watch the England versus France football game in a pub. We were given a suggestion by the guy who runs Reid Hall’s front desk. It took us some time to walk to the pub only to find it very empty. 
We of course left and kept walking only to decide we would try the pub closest to the college. We walked up and their was a gentleman blocking the door. The pub was too full and couldn’t take any more patrons. So, we tried another one. Luckily, this place was full but there were still some tables in the back. 
One TV and Everyone is Glued

We Enjoyed a Couple of Pitchers of Pimm’s Too

After the game we ended up heading back towards school to catch dinner. Too bad we just missed the hot meal. And that would have been great since the weather was so cold and rainy today! Luckily I stopped and finally purchased an umbrella though. Best purchase yet!

We did purchase Phantom of the Opera tickets tonight as well. We got a deal through the college so I hope our seats are decent! It will be a great way to end the program when the time comes! I can’t believe the last day of class is only 17 days away!


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