The Times

I feel like once class actually started things became less exciting here. We don’t have the whole day to wander around the city and go sight seeing. Unfortunately, our days now have class right in the middle of them. Although the discussion and site visits are very interesting the days are going by much faster.

Today we met for class a little later due to our site visit to The London Times. Since we did meet for an hour lecture prior to leaving for the visit I brought my book, notebook and folder to class- just like any good student would do. Bad idea! I ended up carrying all that through the city, to our sight visit, to lunch afterwards, and through Primark. Bah.

After a wrong train and couple of turn arounds all 18 students and one professor made it. The Times was really cool to visit. The office looked just like I imagined, just like they show in the movies. The pace was significantly faster than at Ketchum Pleon. I think they were happy to host us there, but a part of me also felt like we had to get out of there so they could get back to finding the stories.

Also, most journalists I have talked to do not really like PR people. They seem to be annoyed whenever asked about them. The two speakers we had did not know we were aspiring PR practitioners so I think that threw them off a bit. However, they were very tactful and didn’t say we were their future annoyances. Instead they gave us tips on how to be successful when dealing with journalists.

Photo Stolen From my Roommate- The Times (London)

After our visit we hoped to go to the Tower of London. We really needed to eat lunch though and that took longer than expected. Most of us ended up eating at an asian restaurant- Dim Sum style. We were confused for most of the time, but the food turned out to be very good.

After lunch we headed to the King’s Cross station so most of the group could pick up their return ferry/train tickets for their Ireland trip this weekend. The King’s Cross station was really neat and is the same place Harry has to go to leave for Hogwarts. 
King’s Cross Station
Just Off to Hogwarts- NBD
Neat Picture- Trains
After King’s Cross we headed towards Oxford Circus in order to visit Primark. Primark is quite possibly the store that will send me into a full blown anxiety attack all while exciting me beyond belief. It is huge, busy and insane. It is like a super large Forever 21 or H&M. Cute things for very low prices. I plan to go back this weekend while most of the students are visiting Ireland. 
We literally ran home to try to catch the dinner at school but missed it once again! I ended up with a cheese sandwich, no joke, for dinner. Luckily I was also able to enjoy some chips and ice cream with it.  Most of the kids are now out for the night. I think there was a pub they found with live music. I prefer to hear the stories when they get back instead of experiencing them for myself. Such a stick in the mud, but I am enjoying catching up on blogging and attempting to get warm. Such an adult.

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