Sunny Days

Things have started to slow down a little bit here in London. I feel like I have gotten into a routine and it doesn’t feel like go, go, go anymore. It is funny, the first two times I was in Europe it was just that. We couldn’t stop and sit for more than a few minutes. We had to move directly on to the next thing. That is how it is for some of my classmates here as well. I really admire their willingness and their motivation to throw caution to the wind and just keep going.

I have really tried to make this experience abroad more of living experience. Meaning, I want to make it feel like I am living here versus just visiting here. Although three and a half weeks isn’t long enough to really say you lived some where, that is still the feel I am going for. After all, someone did stop me today and asked for directions. Of course I couldn’t help him, I was lost myself; however, I think my sunglasses covered up the deer in the headlights, I am super lost look.

Wednesday was a super low key- one of my favorite kind of days. The sun was shining, which I am finding to be incredibly rare here. Class went by fairly quickly but not without multiple yawns. I find myself extra sleepy during class. I know I am getting less sleep here than I would be at home, but I also haven’t take a class during the day since about 2003/2004. Working full-time usually kept me busy all day and evening classes were my forte. This mid day sit and listen is something new.

After class I decided to enjoy the weather by jogging through Regent’s Park. This is one thing that I will miss about London the most when I go home. This park is beautiful.

Regent Canal
Camels at the Zoo
Drinking Fountain

After my run the evening was focused on finishing up school work since our first paper was due on Thursday. Most of the other students were busy packing for Ireland any time they took a break from their writing.

Yesterday was also a good day. The weather was kind to us again. Class went well and a trip to the campus Starbucks helped curb the yawns for the most part. After class about 12 or so students left for Ireland. It is so quiet here! I decided to plot out my weekend and figure out exactly what I wanted to get done.
I first set out to Hyde Park. It is another famous royal park, and if I thought getting lost in Regent’s Park was fun, I was in for a real treat with Hyde Park. The park is huge. I think it took me almost an hour or more to find the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. Lets just say it shouldn’t have either. They are building a venue for Triathlon and Marathon Swimming events for the Olympics right in the park and that totally threw me off for a while since I was sent on a detour towards a new footpath. 
Hyde Park
More Birds- The Serpentine
Finally, The Memorial!
Hand in Memorial Fountain

It felt like I was in Hyde Park for days, but really it was only an hour or two. Once I found an exit, which impressively enough was the same gate I entered, I wandered to find Harrods. If you have ever been to Harrods before you know it is overwhelmingly huge and expensive but fun to visit none-the-less. I stopped in a few shops on the way, but really haven’t purchased much to bring home while I have been here. I left Harrods without anything as well. However, I did use their bathroom!

Burberry With Harrods to the Left
Another Princess Di Memorial- with Dodi Al Fayed
Feeling Like I am Stuck in the Middle of Traffic- Which I Kinda Was

After a successful day in the city on my own I met up with Troj after dinner. We went to a really great bookstore, Daunt Books, near the school for an even they were having. We didn’t end up officially attending the event, but we had some fun walking around and chatting quietly.

Amazing Bookstore
She then took me to a very secretive, underground speakeasy/prohibition style pub called, Purl. It was quite neat and scary all at the same time. Most of the lighting was done by candle light and you were surrounded by amazing brick, cave like areas. The drinks were nothing like I was used too. They were strong and expensive. You really only need two at most though. My first drink was inspired by the margarita. I think it was purely tequila and brandy. Maybe a splash of pineapple juice too. The beer was also served in a brown paper bag. So chic. 
We shared a table, living room style, with two suited gentlemen. They were acquaintances through business. One was from Seattle and the CFO of a water care company. And the other was from London and is a partner in a financial public relations firm. What are the odds? I explained to the Seattle guy that Justin works for Ecolab/Nalco in their water care division and that I was here studying global PR. We had a good chat and luckily, they bought us our second drinks. The drinks came with a balloon that was lit on fire until it popped. Unfortunately, Troj and I both had faulty ones and the balloon just floated to the ceiling instead of popping. 

More Proper Drinks

And below is a quick video of the firey, balloon drink. I don’t even want to know what was in it. Especially since one of the drinks said, “Inform bartender if you have a weak heart.”


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