Royal Sightings

Yesterday turned out to be an extra awesome Saturday. Jenny and I planned to meet by 9:15 a.m. to get theatre tickets to see the musical Sweeney Todd. The plan was to meet at a “gothic spire/tower” outside of Charing Cross station. No problem. I pulled myself out of bed nice and early in order to get breakfast and a shower in and left in a rush to meet Jen. I didn’t double check to see where we were meeting, but I knew I had to get to Charing Cross. Upon exiting one of the 4-5 exits of the station I emerged to Trafalgar Square. There are a million or so statues in the square and I quickly forgot everything about where I was supposed to meet Jen.

I hadn’t visited Trafalgar Square yet, and I had a feeling Jenny would have mentioned that is where we were meeting if we were supposed to meet there. I looked around for a bit, circling as many statues as possible and finally gave up after about 30 minutes. I went to the closet coffee shop I could find to hook up to their wifi. I was then able to contact Jenny and have her come to me, instead of me walking around aimlessly trying to find her.

Trafalgar Square

After connecting with Jen we then made our way to The Mall to await Trooping the Colour Parade which also celebrates the Queen’s official (not actual) birthday. When the parade began we couldn’t see very much. We had awesome spots originally until a police officer told us the Queen would not be coming up as far as they thought since the royal family had already turned off of the mall. We hustled down to see what we could.

People Standing on Posts Just to Get a Glimpse of The Queen’s Carriage

What I Could Get From Holding My Camera Over My Head

Troj Didn’t Want to Miss Out Either so She Got on a Post

Best Pic of All Time Captured by Troj- Look at That Wave

We weren’t satisfied with what we saw and the crowd we were standing behind. So, in honor of the Queen’s official, but actually unofficial birthday, we decided to hang tight and get better spots. She did have to return to Buckingham Palace after all.

We waited for another hour or so hoping the parade would be back on its way shortly. We passed the time by talking about home, poking fun at the guards pruning each other, and googling things about the royal family we didn’t know. I am pretty sure a local police officer could hear most of our conversation because he kept looking at us and smiling. Silly American girls.
Guard Speaking Guard to Guard
Stoic Police Man

And after what felt like forever we finally could hear that the parade was coming back our way! We weren’t exactly sure if standing there for so long was super silly or super smart. We were about to find out!

TaDah- The Leader

Video of a lot of horses pulling loud things.

Kate, Harry and Camilla- Say What?!!!

Video of Kate, Harry, & Camilla in their carriage. Please note Prince Harry waves directly at me. NBD. The next carriage has Princess Beatrice (Elizabeth Mary) and Princess Eugenie- Prince Andrew’s daughters.

Below is the video of the Queen strolling by in her carriage. 

The Queen

Bye, Bye Queen

Jenny and I did this all before 1:00 p.m. We still had a whole day ahead of us! If you stop reading my blog after this I totally understand. What is left? Prince William I suppose!
We headed out to lunch after the parade and met Patrick, Jenny’s fiance, at the Natural History Museum. We saw the exhibit, Animal Inside Out. It is just like Body Worlds, just with animals and not humans. 
Natural History Museum

Inside the Museum

They Filmed Night at the Museum Here
After the exhibit we all headed to our respective homes to freshen up and rest before going to the theatre. The Sweeney Todd Musical is at The Adelphi Theatre. The venue was pretty plain and our seats were high, but you could still see the stage really well especially with my new theatre glasses. Sweeney Todd is a very dark story and was definitely the darkest musical I have ever been too. It was still enjoyable though. Mrs Lovett is currently played by Imelda Staunton who is better known by Harry Potter fans as, Dolores Umbridge.  It was very neat to see her preform live.
Jenny and I Outside of Adelphi After The Show

I Think my Eyes Are Closed- Sandahl Trait

And now I know you are slightly exhausted but exhilarated after reading all that we did yesterday! I think we both had a ton of fun, even Patrick when he joined us during our day, and I could leave London tomorrow as a satisfied traveler! However, I have two weeks left before Justin gets here so there is a lot more land to cover!


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