You May Say I’m A Dreamer

Sunday rounded off my weekend quite brilliantly. After most of the class left Thursday afternoon I really didn’t know what the weekend would hold for me. Turns out it was absolutely wonderful. Sunday morning I was slow to rise which was perfectly fine. I enjoyed a breakfast that included a new guilty pleasure, Nutella on toast. I then decided my morning would be best spent shopping.

I spoke with Jenny in the morning and she and Patrick were heading towards the Tate Modern, which is on my list of things to do. My shopping trip was cut short and I went to meet them shortly after 12:15 p.m. We were all pretty indecisive when it came to lunch options, but I knew I wanted to have some authentic fish n’ chips. We ended up enjoying a lunch at a Thames, river front Pub just outside of Tate Modern. Founders Arms has a lovely patio and since the London weather was cooperating we decided to enjoy our lunch outdoors.

View From Patio

Fish n’ Chips With a Side of Mushy Peas

After lunch we didn’t have time to visit the Tate because I needed to head back to the college to have my second Facetime date with Justin. The night before we had also video chatted after Sweeney Todd. I was really tired and cried quite a few times so we thought we’d try again the next day. Sunday turned out to be much better and it was so good to see him and Selby.

Facetime Screen Shot- Selby Pay Attention!

The rest of the day was spent blogging, cleaning up my room, and doing laundry. I was also patiently waiting for the students to get back from Ireland and they sure had an adventure which resulted from missing their ferry home. They all made it back in shifts, safe and sound. 

Today we were back in the classroom. Well, sort of. We had another site visit and today we went to the U.S. Embassy. It was really great to hear from a young woman diplomat and how she has progressed in her career. I was one of the many who really didn’t understand what went on in an embassy, why they are important, and what they do for the United States. This woman in particular works in public affairs, which is the government sector of public relations. A lot of the young students on my trip were very inspired, and I think most left wanting to be her. Most students explained that if they wanted to start a career abroad now was the time since they weren’t married, didn’t have a house, children etc. Clearly, I missed that window of opportunity by taking my sweet old time getting my bachelor’s degree. To be honest though, it is no longer something I desire like I did when I was 19 or 20 years old. I am happy to be married, with a strong home base, and hopefully I can find a happy medium between an adventurous and esteemed career. 
Shortly after lunch some of us got back together to continue on our sight seeing missions. Today we decided we wanted to visit Abbey Road. I saw Abbey Road when I was here in 2005 and there has been some changes to the area.

Graffitied Abbey Road Sign- Circa 2005

Abbey Road Studios- Circa 2005
First to Sign Brand New Abbey Road Sign- Circa 2005 
And today there is no Abbey Road sign beyond what is on a building. Fans seem to graffiti the front of the studio instead. 
Abbey Road Studios- 2012 (Rach, was that you?)

Me and Talar @ Abbey Road- 2012

After our visit to Abbey Road it was my turn to attempt shopping on Oxford Street again. I ended up in one shop, Dorothy Perkins, and was quite successful and purchased two really cute dresses! I can’t wait to wear them when Justin takes me out on a welcome home date. (hint, hint) You can see my first dress here and my second dress here. So cute, right?

The rest of the evening was filled with dinner, ticket purchasing, and being tired and lazy! Tomorrow we have another site visit for class and we are hoping to tour the Olympic grounds. We will see how close we can actually get though.


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