Winning a Gold

Everyone by now should know that the summer Olympics will be held in London this year. Luckily,  I will be getting out of the country just shy of three weeks before the opening ceremony. Hopefully we can make it out before prices sky rocket and can you imagine traveling via public transport with about 4 million extra people in this city?

We were not able to get too close to the site since most of it is off limits, but we were able to get closer than someone the first week of July will be able to do. The lady leading the tour was able to give us a lot of insight and a more behind the scenes look at the preparation that is going into the Olympics. The site is in the East Side of London which needs significant rehabilitation. The hope is that the money generated from the Olympics will help fund that area. Also, a lot of the Olympic sites will be turned into low income housing (see pic of Olympic Village), to rebuild the burrows that surround the Olympic park. I hope that is really what happens. 
There is a fatwalk that we walked along through the park leading up to the Olympic stadiums. They refer to this sidewalk as a fatwalk because a mayor, not sure if it is the current one, decided the people of London should be fit- not fat. Makes sense I suppose. Along the fatwalk is a statue of two arms grasping each other. This is in remembrance of a group of men who all died trying to help one another. One man fell into a polluted sewer, the fumes and toxins knocked him out instantly. Another man went to help and the same thing happened. You get the idea, and sadly, all men perished trying to help each other. 
Start of the Tour- Silver Haired British Lady in Charge

Statue Along the Polluted Water Way

Olympic Stadium (Aquatic Center) & The Orbit

Olympic Village

Our walking tour concluded at the biggest mall in Europe. Not such a bad way to end the tour. There is a store, John Lewis, that has an amazing view of the stadiums and they sell a bunch of Olympic memorabilia. I spent way too many pounds, with equals even more dollars, but there will be some happy gift receivers when I get home…hopefully. At the mall we all needed a snack since we missed lunch. Most of us opted for some amazing looking cupcakes.

View From John Lewis

Pretty Girls With Pretty Cupcakes

Hello, Cupcake!

After returning to campus for dinner we decided a night in sounded better than a night out…much cheaper too. A couple of us decided to walk to the mini grocery store and bought some wine and drinks to enjoy in the comfort of my dorm room. There turned out to be about seven girls in my room, but we all had a good time chatting and doing things traditional college students do. Dorm life was something I missed out on since I have always been a non-traditional student. I am happy to be experiencing it here with such a lovely group of people. 

Silly Americans Buying Cider and Doritos

Mojito in a Can. Best. Thing. Ever.


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