A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Although it might be easily forgotten when you are spending time in London’s dreary weather, we just celebrated the summer solstice. Summer is officially here! As summer rolls in, most days in London are feeling like a dream. Am I really here experiencing all these amazing things? Most of the girls keep referring to, David After Dentist, and ask, “Is this real life?” We all find it hard to believe we are really here.

On the first day of summer we had class as usual. We had good discussions about public relations in other parts of the world and we had a follow up discussion from the U.S Embassy visit about public diplomacy. After class I knew I wanted to get some things done since we had our second paper due on Thursday. I ended up taking a run through Regent’s Park (I just love it in there), and fiddled around too long on my computer. The into was written, but then it was time for our evening event. We saw A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Regent’s Open Air Theatre.

Despite London’s unpredictable weather the evening of the play was absolutely gorgeous. No rain, a little bit of sunshine and it didn’t get chilly until the very end of the night. About six of us went and also met up with our professor and her husband.

I have seen the play before at the Guthrie in Minneapolis, but it has been awhile and I was a little confused. I followed along a little better the second time seeing it; however, I don’t remember the play being so erotic. It could be the interpretation, but there were times when we looked at each other and thought, “Umm…did that just happen?” There were also times we thought we’d never see such a thing in America unless it we were properly warned. The Brits aren’t prudes I guess. The play also took place in a trailer park which was an interesting take on the classic. Overall, the play turned out to be absolutely fantastic and the second half brought much laughter. It was brilliant.

Finding New Things in Regent’s Park

A Bottle of Wine Shared for the Show

Illegal Theatre Photo- A Midsummer Night’s Dream

After the show I just wanted to go to sleep, but a paper was waiting for me to write it. I am happy to report I was in bed long before some others though! I think it is sometimes easy to forget we are here for school and things get left for the last minute.

Thursday of this week took a similar direction. We had lecture the first half of class about public relations in the Middle East. Given the United States’ history, and our current status with the Middle East I found it fascinating, especially as we talked about potential controversial campaigns that PR practitioners could be involved in. We talked about what we would do if we had to work for an account we didn’t morally agree with. And although that may never happen in my career, and it will be different for everyone given their personal values and morals, it is interesting to think about.
Some of the girls left for Milan this weekend, but most of us were going to be living the London life. Some of the group went to the Harry Potter Studio Tours, but me and two others headed towards Kensington Palace. As we walked through the different parts of the palace that is open to the public, I immediately wished I knew more about the kings and queens who lived there. 
Kensington Palace Gate

Grand Stair Case

Kensington Palace

While touring one of the rooms in the king’s apartment we were asked to join in on a card game called, Commerce.  Apparently it was one of the king’s favorite games. (Maybe King William? Bad listener I guess.) The goal is to get the best three card combination. It is similar to poker but easier. I ended up winning with three queens.

Commerce Card Game

Winning Hand

Still Rocking Self Portraits- the King’s Apartments

Princess Diana also lived at Kensington Palace. She lived there during her marriage to Prince Charles and after their divorce as well. Kensington Palace has a couple of her dresses on display including the white one in the picture below.

Princess Diana

My favorite part of the palace tour was reading through the different quotes from Queen Victoria’s journals. She was married to Prince Albert, who was actually her cousin, and they seemed so in love. It made me miss my prince an awful lot too.

“This day is one of the greatest and most glorious days of our lives, with which, to my pride and joy the name of my dearly beloved Albert is forever associated!” 
– Queen Victoria regarding her marriage to Albert.

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