My Cup of Tea

Today we participated in something most of us have been looking forward too for a long time-high tea! Although that is what we keep referring to it as, that isn’t exactly accurate as high tea is typically an early evening meal. Not an 11am one. Regardless, we had some yummy tea, served in tea pots with cups and saucers. We also enjoyed cupcakes, scones, apple tarts and other delectable goods.

It was a decent walk from the West Hampstead underground station to the Bake-A-Boo Bakery. We were all pleasantly surprised when we made it though. The little cafe has more charm than any where else I  have been. It was an experience that I believe exceeded every one’s expectations.

Cassie & I 

Our Tea Room

Proper Decaf Tea



After our late morning tea I headed towards Hampstead Heath to meet up with Mark & Georgia’s friends Max, Steph and their baby Lily. I have met Max and Steph a few times before, and they actually just returned back to London (they live here) after a vacation in the U.S. that concluded at Mark & Georgia’s in Stillwater, MN. It was really great to catch up with them, hear about their time in Stillwater, and of course to meet baby Lily who is 14 months old.

We grabbed lunch and headed into Hampstead Heath park where we would have a little picnic. This park is less manicured than Regent’s but is a lot more secluded. The trees are quite large and the park has a lot more hills. It was a nice workout especially to keep us warm as the weather grew grim. The park also provides a wonderful view of the city. I am not sure why I didn’t take a picture!  By the time we found a place to park it started to sprinkle a bit and the wind picked up. I suppose picnics are hard to plan in unpredictable weather. We enjoyed our lunch and headed towards a local pub to get out of the chilly air. 
We ended up in a very charming area of London which I believe was the Highgate Hill area. It isn’t touristy which was perfect. We found an old pub and Max ordered me up a proper British ale. It was served much warmer than I am used too, which I knew would be the case. It was a good beer; however, it isn’t the type of beer you might want to chase away a hot day. Maybe that is because hot days are far and few between in London. 
Half Pint Ale
The rest of this evening was spent blogging, video chatting with Justin, and getting a start on a paper due next week. I can’t believe we are almost done with the seminar! Tomorrow I am off to spend the day in Paris, tough life, so be on the look out for an amazing blog update after I return!


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