Homework and Cancelled Class

The last week of the seminar flew by! We tried to do as much as we could; however, we also had a lot of homework due as well. I knew the exhaustion and procrastination would make this past week very memorable.

In class on Monday we had a guest speaker come from IBM. Obviously, he was from the European office in London. He covered corporate public relations which we really hadn’t heard too much about during our seminar yet. Our teacher did a really good job trying to do site visits and invite speakers from all over the board of public relations.

The gentleman was very nonchalant and matter of fact the whole time. He seemed like he knew exactly what he was doing as he was a veteran in the field and at IBM. One of my favorite takeaways was when he mentioned that when you go for a job interview one of the questions you should be asking a potential employer is, “What type of career progression and plan do you have in place for your employees?” He said that if a company does not have a personal and professional development plan in place they do not deserve you. A company should be investing in their employees. I loved that. I definitely want to find a place that will help me grow into my career.

Monday evening turned out to be quite boring as we had two papers due that week. One was due Tuesday morning and the other on Wednesday. Not to mentioned we had a looming program website due on Thursday. Monday afternoon/evening I did the responsible thing and stayed in. I wanted to make sure BOTH of my papers were done by the time I went to bed Monday night. And I didn’t want my bedtime to be too late. You know how much I appreciate my sleep and lets be honest, dorm life doesn’t value it in the same way.

Tuesday’s class was supposed to start late due to a site visit with a local event planning company. We knew this would cut into our evening plans so a couple of us decided to head out right after breakfast to visit a museum. We really wanted to go to the Ballgown Exhibit- British Glamour Since 1950 at the V&A. Jenny and I had tried to go prior to this but arrived too late. The exhibit was smaller than expected but had some gorgeous dresses. After walking through we enjoyed some of the lovely London weather in the courtyard.

I am Going to Add This to a Party Invite Someday 

Courtyard at the V&A

Me, Cassie, & Alexis in Courtyard

Wobbly Chairs- Great Entertainment

After we were done at the museum we rushed back to campus in order to make it in time to leave for our site visit. As we entered the college, and gained access to wifi, we found out class had been cancelled. Our site visit had to cancel last minute. The day was gorgeous so we quickly had lunch and then left to celebrate.

Cassie, Alexis and I headed towards Trafalgar Square since we wanted to go to the National Portrait Gallery. First, we stopped for a celebratory cider at a local pub. One cider just wasn’t enough for the day so we sent Cassie to the bar to work her southern charm and get two pitchers of mojitos for us. 
Nice Work Cassie

After our afternoon in a pub we headed through Trafalgar Square looking for the National Portrait Gallery. We passed a couple of caricature artists in the square. It seemed like a good idea at the time and we ended up with this…

Alexis, Me, & Cassie

Countdown to the Olympics
We eventually did find the National Portrait Gallery and took a very quick buzz through one of the floors since it was just about to close. We then headed towards Tower Bridge to see the Louboutin shoe exhibit at the Design Museum. On the website’s homepage it says it is open until 10pm. Perfect.
We ended up going to a tube stop much father away that we should have and it felt like we walked in the warm weather for hours (could be the mojitos slowing us down at this point), but eventually we did find the entrance to the Design Museum. Too bad it was closed! We were so disappointed, but if I would have clicked on the icon that said it was open until 10pm ahead of time I would have found out that was only on Wednesdays. Cripes! Good thing the area it is located in provides a gorgeous view of the Tower Bridge over the Thames. 
A Shot of Tower Bridge on Our Walk
Tower Bridge Outside Design Museum
Walking Across Tower Bridge

Hidden Rings Under Tower Bridge
After our Design Museum fail we decided to head some where to find dinner. First we headed to the Victoria station to realize we really didn’t want to be there. Then we headed to Piccadilly and realized we just didn’t know what we wanted. We ended up walking, again, until we finally just decided on All Bar One- a bar restaurant. I was so tired I didn’t even want to eat, but of course I did. During our quick dinner there was a group of German boys who clearly fancied Cassie and blatantly stared throughout our entire meal. 
We eventually made it home exhausted, but also happy and full.


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