Final Days

As our days together as a class drew closer to an end mixed emotions were presented. Many were sad to be leaving London, even though they were eager to return to their homes in the states. Personality clashes also seemed to become more apparent which made me thankful that only two days remained of the seminar.

Wednesday of last week came quickly. Most of us still had things on our lists that we needed to check off before the end of our seminar on Thursday and flights out on Friday. Luckily, I still had a week left abroad so I didn’t feel quite as rushed, but if I wanted to enjoy some of the sites with me new friends then we needed to get going.

Wednesday morning we had a site visit. We went to St. Pancras International which is a large train station, where the Eurostar leaves from, in London. This is the same station we left from when we went to Paris for the day. The station is quite remarkable and hearing about the public relations strategies the station uses was a treat. It was fun to hear what the gentleman had to say, especially as some of his advice went against our traditional teachings at our Universities. Regardless, I think we all took something away from his talk.

Statue at St Pancras
Bottom of Statue at St Pancras
Event at St Pancras

After our site visit a couple of us decided to head back towards the Design Museum so we could finally see the Louboutin exhibit. I have always had more of a thing for purses and bags versus shoes; however, I still know a good shoe when I see one. Louboutin does some amazing and artistic work with his shoes. Some of course were not wearable shoes, but the craft behind them is impressive to say the least. The Design Museum also has the Olympic torch that will be used at the start of the games as well as some lace from Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding gown. 

Tower Bridge With Olympic Rings Down

That evening we knew our website had to be finished as it was due Thursday morning. However, we discovered another “late” night just like the zoo’s. This time it was at the Science Museum and we all know how much I appreciate a good Science Museum. So, Cassie, Alexis and I made our way towards South Kensington and enjoyed some white wine and learning. They really do go well together.

At the museum we were able to enjoy the exhibits after hours. They also have different shows and a silent disco. The Silent Disco was bar far the most fun I had in London during my seminar. Each person wears head phones that can channel in to two different DJ’s on site. You tune in and dance! So simple. There is no music around you- it is all in your head. It is silly, but unexpectedly amazing!
The American Flag, Me, Cassie and Alexis
Science Museum
We Love Silent Discoing!

After the late night at the Science Museum I rushed back to the college to finish up my portion of the website. I was prepared to crank it out as quickly as possible so the next group could log on. (only one group was able to edit at once) What I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of drama that was about to go down in the dorms involving my classmates.

I won’t bore you with the details and frankly I don’t have a drink that is required when retelling the story, but I felt as if someone had plucked me from my life on Windmill Drive and played a prank on me by sending me to the Twilight Zone, which is also known as dorm life. Things eventually did calm down a bit, and I spent the rest of the night packing my suitcase just in case I had to check into my hotel one night early. My roommate and I chuckled about what went down, in our room I might add, but didn’t involve either of us, and finally made our way to bed.
I was delighted there was only one more night after that one, that I had to sleep in the dorms. 


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