Many people asked how I was going to be able to leave Justin for three and half weeks. The first year we were dating and the first year of our engagement there were plenty of nights spent apart. The longest we went was about seven months during the deployment. Being used to it doesn’t make it any easier, but we knew it was survivable.

I woke up early to meet Justin at Gatwick Airport Saturday morning. I navigated the tube to Victoria station to then took a train to Gatwick. The first ticket I purchased was for the slow train, so I ended up having to buy another one for the Gatwick Express. I arrived to Gatwick about ten minutes after Justin landed and then waited about an hour and half for him to finally clear customs and get his luggage. I was starting to get a little nervous as the people continued to come out and none of them were Justin. I was also afraid we wouldn’t find each other, but it turned out to be quite easy which left us both relieved.

Our first order of business was getting us to the hotel. Justin wanted to drop his luggage and clean himself up after a long day of travel. We were also both very hungry and opted for some fish ‘n chips at a restaurant within walking distance of our hotel. It wasn’t the best fish ‘n chips and let me tell you, I am basically an expert now.

Justin needed a quick nap as well to hopefully combat his jet lag before we left for the Regent’s Park area. I wanted to show Justin were I had spent the last three and a half weeks, and we planned on meeting our friends Jenny and Patrick for dinner.

I Love Regent’s Park!
Channeling My Inner Sandahl- Eyes Closed
The Queen’s Rose Garden

I Love Finding New Things In The Park- Waterfall
Regent’s Park
Outside Regent’s College

It was a quick tour of the park and my school, but at least Justin was able to see where I spent a lot of my time in London. We then met Jenny and Patrick at a local pub, The Volunteer. I had been there a couple of times, and I knew Jenny had been there a lot as well, but meeting there was the only way I was going to be able to show Justin the Regent’s Park area since our time in London was limited. 

Jenny and Patrick have been engaged for just a few months and it was fun to be able to take them out to celebrate! Unfortunately, the night passed us by without us getting a group photo. Dang it! We stopped for ice cream after dinner to finish off the evening. It was wonderful to be able to spend so much time with Jenny and Patrick during my month in London. Girlfriends are the best! 
On our walk back to the hotel Justin and I were greeted by fireworks. What a great day!

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