All Good Things Come to an End

It was hard to decide what we wanted to do on our last day in Ireland. We knew we wanted to get out of the city, we just weren’t sure how far out. The Cliffs of Moher, Galaway, and Bray were all recommendations but we decided on a 30 minute train ride to Howth, which was also highly recommended. Howth is a small fishing village on the coast of Dublin County. 

The train ride was quite quick and easy. What was hard was actually finding the train station to leave from. We were given a map with the DART station on it. Unfortunately, we were a bit confused at where we were even starting so we ended up walking for about 15 minutes, turned around and walked about 5 minutes back until a nice delivery man noticed our sweaty, wrinkled up faces staring at our map. He gave us directions and as it turned out we turned around about two blocks away from the station. 
When we arrived we walked along the harbour. It provided a gorgeous view of a lighthouse on the other side of the bay as well as an island they refer to as, Ireland’s Eye.
Ireland’s Eye
We scoped out the different restaurants to figure out what we wanted to do for lunch. For obvious reasons the restaurants specialized in seafood. We were sure we would be getting something fresh and nothing short of amazing. We settled on a fish ‘n chips stand that was served the traditional way, in a paper bag. It was greasy, fresh, and awfully yummy. 
Ireland’s Eye with Howth Light House
Well fed Sea Lion
Happy in Howth
Bag of Fish ‘n Chips
Light House of Howth
Lovely Howth

We only spent a few hours in Howth, but we were very happy with our decision to visit. That evening we had plans to go to the famous Temple Bar area for dinner at Gogarty’s Pub. It came highly recommended from my classmates. The first two floors have live Irish music, while the top floor is their restaurant. The bar was packed by the time we got there so we had food in the restaurant. Once again, we left full and satisfied! They even gave me an Irish CD.

The Temple Bar
After dinner Justin had his heart set on going to O’ Donoghue’s, the famous Irish pub known for their famous Irish music. We were told it is the most talked about pub in Ireland. As we approached the pub it was quite small, but Justin remained bright eyed as we entered. There was no live music and it wasn’t that full. I immediately thought, “This is the wrong O’ Donoghue’s.” And as my thought turned into words I heard Justin exclaim, “This is great. This is exactly how I imagined it!” 
As I giggled and made my way to the toilets without working faucets, Justin ordered us our first round of ciders. We sat for a while, guzzled a couple more ciders, and enjoyed the ambiance of the candle lit pub. Then Justin leaned in to talk to one of the bartenders. He said with a proud smile, “Sir, I heard you are the most famous pub in Ireland. Is this true?” The bartender then had to break the news, “You’re thinking of the O’ Donoghue’s on Merrion Row. They are famous for their music. We are famous for our pints, and that is what really matters.” 
The “Famous for our Pints” O’ Donoghue’s
We had a good laugh afterwards and made our way back to our hotel to end the night with an Irish Coffee and Irish Hot Chocolate. I can’t wait to enjoy more of those this fall/winter.
Irish Hot Chocolate

We headed back to England the next afternoon for one last night. After a very long tube ride, trip through Victoria station during rush hour which resulted in a brief separation, and the Gatwick Express, we made it to our final hotel near the airport in the evening.

As we concluded our time in Europe together we felt so happy. Happy that we have the means to travel, happy that our time in Dublin and London was nothing short of amazing, and we were happy to just spend time and live life together. 


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