Many Old Things

We were eager for our second day on the sight seeing bus tour. We had plotted out which stops we wanted to get off at and which ones we’d get picked up at. Our first order of business was a little education at Trinity College. Trinity College houses The Book of Kells, and has a library with over 2,000 first editions. It was marvelous. 

Trinity College Campus

The Book of Kells
Illegal Photo of the Library

Although our experience at Christ Church was less than amazing we decided to check out St. Patrick’s Cathedral. After all, the cathedral was named for the man we celebrate every March 17th by consuming loads of green beers. As it turns out they don’t think St. Patrick ever step foot in the cathedral. However, it is rumored that he often preached from the garden outside of it. 

Blurry Photo at St Patrick’s Alter


Keg Full of Coins

St Patrick’s Garden

After experiencing a little spiritual tourism we needed some food. We were both really looking forward to lunch at Ireland’s oldest pub, The Brazen Head. The food was spectacular. We both enjoyed some Cottage Pie, which was a special that day, as well as some Irish Cider. 

Waiting Patiently for our Pie 
Behind the Bar 
Outside Seating
The Brazen Head

The Irish Cider didn’t wash down the cottage pie well enough and it was decided some Irish Whiskey was in order. We headed towards the Jameson Distillery. Like Guinness, I wasn’t a huge fan of whiskey heading into the tour, but hoped to leave enlightened. I wasn’t a Guinness fan by the end of the brewery tour but maybe Jameson would be different. 

This tour was guided which we much preferred over the self guided Guinness one. We were also able to take along a special 4th of July drink on our tour. Tours are always more fun with whiskey, right? I ended up enjoying the drink much more than I initially thought. The tour was about an hour and just like Guinness, Jameson has been around since the 1700s! 
Jameson Tour

Jameson Tour

Happy Birthday America, Love Jameson

During the tour the guide asked for four women and four men volunteers. The volunteers would participate in a whiskey tasting. The tasting would feature the best selling Scotch Whiskey, Johnnie Walker; the best American, Jack Daniels; and of course, the best Irish, Jameson. I think it was the whiskey already in me, not to mention the ciders, but I quickly volunteered and was accepted. I didn’t know a thing about whiskey and now was my time to learn.

At the end of the tour we were given our free glass of Jameson that came with our tour. I had mine with sprite and a lime wedge. Justin had his his favorite way, with ginger ale. Justin hung out in a different area of the room while I participated in the taste test. Some of the volunteers still preferred Jack or Johnnie over the Jameson, but I certainly loved the smoothness of the three times distilled Jameson. Who am I? Do I really like whiskey? Turns out, I do.
Whiskey Tasting

Official Whiskey Expert

We Love Jameson!

On our bus ride home we enjoyed the sunlight. We reflected on our first 4th of July out of the country. Even when Justin was deployed he was home for the 4th. We were happy to celebrate it with such wonderful people. The Irish love America and were happy to wish us a Happy Independence Day often. We even saw an airplane towing an American flag over the Dublin sky. 

Happy Birthday America!
Enjoying our Ride on top of the bus.
Irish Sun

I was certainly happy to be a citizen of the best country in the world, but with roots going straight back to Ireland.


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