Reflections of the Summer

It is hard to believe I haven’t posted since my return from Europe. The summer quickly flew by after I returned. Many Minnesotans were complaining of the hot and humid weather, and I of course couldn’t get enough of it this year. Since England and Ireland turned out to be cold and rainy I feel like I haven’t gotten my required three months of warmth yet.

This is also the palest I have been during the summer months. I haven’t been on the river relaxing and allowing my skin to be sun kissed- with the proper protection of course. I am about to enter my 8th full weekend home. If you think about it, that is a pretty short summer and it is hard to get all your favorite activities in.

When I returned from Europe I felt like someone had shocked me. I had a renewed zest for life, and I wanted to take full advantage of everything life has to offer. Although some of that zest quickly faded away, reality and the need for an income can have that effect on zest, I have been holding on to whatever the experience gave me with a tight grip.

Some of the fun things I have done this summer: walked Selby, Bradshaw/Borntrager sleepover, Color Run 5k, 2nd Annual Couple’s Retreat at Camp Ripley, Dirty Girl Mud Run 5k, started reading for fun again, put a vote NO sign in our yard, date night at the Guthrie, celebrated the London Olympics with Shepard’s Pie, played with Lainey, spent time with family- including a lunch with God Mother, Mother and MOH, bought Nutella, ate Nutella, attended a good friend’s wedding, touched a cow at the Pierce County Fair, went to Cup N’ Cone…a lot, played volleyball with friends, tested out some new recipes including beet risotto, ate my first peach, caught up with some Army friends, celebrated Selby’s and Justin’s birthday, enjoyed happy hours, slept in, took naps…

Color Run 5k

Some of my favorite ladies! 

Dirty Girl Mud Run 5k

Rachel & Mike’s Wedding in Red Wing, MN.

My pooch.


Well, if you put it that way, I have done a lot in the past eight weeks! There are still some things I wanted to do this summer and haven’t been able to, but when I look back at my four weeks in London and eight weeks at home I really have nothing to complain about. I will keep the memory of the unbelievable summer of 2012 close to my heart. And when life gets busy, and I forget to stop and really live each day, I will channel that energy, call a friend, and do something crazy.


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