1st Halloween

I know, it isn’t my first time celebrating Halloween as the title of this blog post might suggest. However, it is my first Halloween completely candy free. I am fairly certain even when I was under a year old celebrating Halloween I was able to sneak some form of candy into my diet.

Now, this isn’t to say I am sugar-free this Halloween. No, I still had a small piece of birthday cake and a cookie. And I can’t forget to mention my hot chocolate with a splash of peppermint schnapps, but compared to last year…there is a significant decrease in the amount of sugar filled blood running through my veins.

I made the decision the week after Halloween in 2011 to go cold turkey. It was time to kick my candy habit once and for all. My husband became the “judge” of all things candy for me. I know it seems silly that I would need someone to be able to tell me what is candy and what is not, but I had become pretty good at justifying most things. For instance, I ate Twizzlers once and claimed it was definitely NOT candy, instead said it was a snack. Logic can be a bit off when you are an addict.

Since I started this journey almost a year ago there has definitely been some ups and downs. Not eating candy ruled out some pretty tasty desserts- M&M cookies, Reese’s Blizzards, Reese’s McFlurries, cake topped with snickers or Heath, or really anything good that has any trace of candy in it.

I have also had way too many nightmares that consist of me eating candy. No joke. It started with Chewy Sprees. Then as I became stronger and continued to resist any cravings the nightmares became more embarrassing. A month or two ago I had a dream I relapsed on…wait for it…a Bit-O-Honey. Gross.

Despite my struggles I finally feel like I am becoming free from my habit. I crave it a lot less, and I can walk past it without an intense urge going through me. And although my mouth still waters when I see Starburst candies, and I sometimes ask Justin to breathe on me after he consumes something yummy and forbidden, I am happy with how far I have come.

With that said, even though at one point tonight I wanted to stuff my face with 40 full-sized, not fun-sized, candy bars, it is 9:37pm on October 31, 2012, and I am still, 100% CANDY FREE!!!


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