Little Help

I will be the first to tell you, and second would be anyone who has ever worked out with me, I hate pull ups! I hate them because I can’t do them. And when you can’t do something, you usually don’t love it. Or at least that is how I work.

However, in my ever evolving effort to become fitter and stronger, I am always looking for ways to turn something I hate into something I love, or at least something I can tolerate. Our pull up bar was something Justin added to our workout room door shortly after we moved into our house. Clearly an Army man. He has always tried to “assist” and encourage me to keep trying. I have always tried to pretend the bar wasn’t there. That is until something magical happened. I was introduced to something to help ease my hate towards pull ups.

Justin and I took a quick business trip to Denver at the beginning of September. Justin graduated from the University of Denver so we were also able to visit some friends of ours while we were there. Rich is Justin’s former college roommate, and Tiff his wife, is a beautifully fit woman who recently opened her own gym, Blunt Force. Before heading out to lunch we were able to tour her gym and some how she convinced me (well, I’ll be honest. I didn’t want to completely embarrass myself by being a weakling) to do something I hate. Pull ups.

She had this little gem called, Pull Up Assist, by Rage Fitness. She assured me I would be able to do the pull ups. Skeptical, but trusting, I stuck my foot in, gripped the bar above me and gave it a whirl.  It reminded me of a resistance band that propelled me up towards the ceiling. Actually, that is pretty much what it is. Not only was I able to complete some pull ups, this particular assistant didn’t grunt while trying to lift my weight like another assistant I had. 🙂

Justin and I were both super impressed by the band and decided we needed one at home too! All we had to do is attach it to our pull up bar.

It came with three bands. The more bands you use, the more assistance you receive. As you progress and become stronger you can simply remove a band from the carabiner.

We (of course) are using all three. I am telling you, I need all the help I can get. But with the pull up assist, I can do it!!! Look, I am even smiling! 🙂

Thank you to Rich and Tiff for introducing us to the Pull Up Assist and for inspiring us to become a healthier and fitter couple!


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