Christmas Recap

Christmas comes and goes so quickly in the Bradshaw household. Through the hustle and bustle of trying to finish Christmas shopping and starting a new job (post on that to come later), we just felt really busy. And not to mention it took a toll on our house. Talk about messy.

We also didn’t feel entirely in the Christmas spirit, well I didn’t, and there was so much going on that I just didn’t feel like putting up any decorations. Frankly, I hate to take them out, just to have to put them all away again. It wasn’t until our first snow fall, or dump, that made me feel a little bit more in the spirit of Christmas.



We decided that this year we would put up our pre-lit artificial tree, sans ornaments. Since we weren’t hosting Christmas this year we didn’t find it necessary to go through all the work. Talk about Scrooges! We did notice how sad it seemed and quickly added Candy Canes.



Right before Christmas we had my brothers over to celebrate my younger brother’s 25th birthday! We were supposed to celebrate with my parents but my Mom ended up coming down with a bad cold and had to cancel. We all enjoyed Butternut Squash Risotto, Parmesan Chicken and some Funfetti cake.

Younger brother Rick, with friend Kristin and boyfriend Hans.


Niece Lainey with Uncle Rick’s funny birthday present.

Next came Christmas Eve, which we always spend with my side of the family. My older brother Mark, and his wife, Georgia, hosted the get together. The menu consisted of buffalo chicken dip and shrimp for appetizers; a beef roast, cheesy potatoes, coleslaw, and other goodies for dinner; and lots of treats, including a double layer pumpkin pie for dessert. We were stuffed. And luckily, the beef pot roast Mark picked up happened to be an expensive prime rib roast. Needless to say we all benefitted from his error this Christmas. It was really good.

Hostess Georgia, SIL.
Lainey with Pop Pop, my Dad Jim.
Mark preparing the goods.
Sandahl Christmas Tree.

And we did go in reverse order because presents came before dinner this year. I will keep this part short and just highlight with some pictures. The best part of Christmas this year was it being Lainey’s first Christmas! Although she doesn’t understand what Christmas is, it was still a lot of fun. Worst part about Christmas was my Mom being too sick to attend. Luckily with technology we were able to FaceTime with her.

Justin with Christmas Ale. Shipped from Colorado from a friend of ours at the Brewery.


Helping his daughter with her first Christmas present.
Helping Mom watch Christmas.
Dad got his own DSLR.
Lainey loves Christmas.
No words.

IMG_0304 IMG_0307 IMG_0339And on Christmas Day we spent our time with Justin’s family. We took a lot less pictures, and really focused on playing with so many of our nieces and nephews. I hope you felt as blessed as we did this holiday season!



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