Hey Girl…

Tonight my Mom and I start an eight week weight-loss challenge. Technically, we are starting a week late, so it is a seven week weight loss challenge for us. (Justin hates it when I say technically, but I can seem to stop!) It is something we both need to do and of course it is a lot more fun to do with a partner. We will be able to hold each other accountable and hopefully reach whatever goal we set our sights on for this seven week challenge.

Nutrition Revolution, a nutrition club in Stillwater, focuses on HerbaLife products. They are hosting the weight-loss challenge and we meet every Monday to learn about the importance of exercise, portion control and proper nutrition (with and without their supplements.)

My Mom and I hope this will help us stay on task and motivate us to get our bums in gear, and smaller. Plus, I recently started an in-home workout program called, TurboFire. I think the nutritional side will complement it well. I will blog about our journey (provided my Mom agrees to this!) and share our ups and downs, but most of all our progress and achievements!

And to get the party started, here is a, “Hey Girl…” made just for me.



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