Gone Girl

After last month’s embarrassing book club fiasco, I made it a point to be better at book club. You could say it is a New Year’s Resolution of mine. Luckily the book for January, Gone Girl, was a breeze to get through. When our book club finally met last night, it felt like weeks had gone by since I’d finished the book. And typically I am frantically trying to finish it an hour before we meet. It was a nice change of pace.

There were mixed reviews between the women in my club. Some of the women really didn’t like it, while others enjoyed the read. The biggest complaint wasn’t writing style or anything like that. It was the fact that most of the characters, if not all, were not likable in their eyes. Therefore, they had trouble reading it. I don’t want to go into too much detail, just in case you plan on reading it, but most of the characters are manipulative and everything most people don’t like about the human race.


I agree that there were definitely times I wanted to crawl into the book and smack some of the characters. However, I still enjoyed it overall. It was a very quick story and it kept me engaged. The author wrote the story switching narrators every other chapter. It alternates between Nick, the husband and Amy, the wife. I prefer that writing style only because it makes me want to keep reading to find out what happens in the next chapter devoted to that character.

I am not typically into mystery novels, which Gone Girl is. I never felt like it was too scary or gruesome though. I felt more uneasy when we were reading, The Devil in the White City. The only thing I could have done without, which a couple of the other ladies mentioned as well, was some of the obscene and crude language used by the character, Amy. It wasn’t over the top, but it did occur more often than I prefer, and it didn’t seem to add to the story. It was just there.

I would definitely recommend the book if you are interested in reading a mystery/thriller. It kept me guessing and it wasn’t nearly as predictable as some other novels I have read. Just be prepared to not like a lot of the characters. 🙂

Next up…For Her Own Good, by Barbara Ehrenreich. I have already heard it is a very heavy read and the likelihood of me finishing it cover to cover prior to our next meeting is slim. Here goes nothing!



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