He Who Never

It is going to be a long, icy commute into Minneapolis this morning, but I couldn’t ask for anything better to listen to on the way in. I woke up this morning to find a notification that He Who Never released his EP, Timing.


I quickly previewed it, while still cuddled up in bed, and it immediately gave me chills. And it wasn’t from the freezing rain that came down all night either. It is truly beautiful music from a very talented musician.

If you love supporting local artists and appreciate someone who writes and performs his own work,  I highly recommend checking out He Who Never. The EP also includes other local artists like Metasota and He Who Never’s older brother, Craig, who plays drums on the song, Pardon.

I would say this even if  he wasn’t a good family friend who I have known since his birth. Our parents may be besties, but this is kid is talented and awesome. I promise.

He Who Never’s Official Store: http://bit.ly/VkhcM5                                                            He Who Never on iTunes: http://bit.ly/125RzWx                                                                           And for all you cool Spotify users: http://spoti.fi/XbGZY1

Check it out, and let me know what you think!


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