Tonight was our first weigh in since starting a weight-loss challenge a week ago.  After receiving the results of our initial scan last week it felt like I was kicked in the gut and slapped across the face.  I think I have always been good at making excuses, but seeing the numbers and having someone explain to me what they mean really put things into perspective. If I didn’t change my habits, it could mean some serious health problems in the future.

It has also been something I have always worried about with my Mom as well. I am an anxious person in general, and my sister-in-law describes me as her “hypochondriac sister-in-law,” so naturally I have a lot more worry than the average person my age. Which means I often think of the health of my aging parents. (Sorry Mom, it’s true!) The news often reports people dying during normal, every day activities like shoveling snow (maybe not everyday, but you get the snowdrift),  due to heart attack or some other health related issue. And frankly, I often find myself calling my parents and checking up on them. Asking them what they ate for dinner and how much they’ve been moving. Man, that must be annoying, but hopefully a little charming too. 🙂

So this week my Mom and I checked in with each other each day to make sure we remained on track. We taunted each other a bit, “Hey, 49 year old daughter.” But most of all we encouraged each other. And luckily, the hard work paid off for week number one! And unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of us tonight. Bad blogger! So, I have to use older ones tonight.

Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 9.29.37 PMScreen shot 2013-01-28 at 9.36.42 PM

Not too bad for our first week. Now, we just have to keep the momentum going!!!


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