BIC Bands

I love doing a little online shopping and then every day thereafter checking the mail box or front step until it arrives. That is how I felt this past week after ordering my first BIC Bands.

I came across the product on my new favorite blog, Peanut Butter Fingers. The BIC Bands were featured as one of PB Finger’s MUST haves for fitness apparel and accessories. I have always struggled with head bands so I naturally wondered if the BIC Bands really were that great. So, after having a successful first week of the weight-loss challenge, I decided to treat myself and give them a shot.

Since I have always struggled with head bands to wear while working out I started to think it was me. Maybe my head was misshapen? Maybe there was something wrong with the way my neck connects to my head? Or maybe my hair was the problem? All of these thoughts ran through my head at one point or another. So, I gave up and decided bobby pins would have to be my answer.

And while the bobby pins did seem to work, they weren’t nearly as cute as sparkly head bands and if you forgot to grab one prior to leaving for your run, well you’d be annoyed for the next 30 minutes for sure. When the BIC Bands arrived yesterday I quickly tore open the package and yelled to my husband, “My present arrived!” As I opened the package I noticed a hand written note thanking me for  the order and to enjoy! (A personal touch you don’t get with big retailers!) Then, I saw my black sparkly band and my pink one!


Luckily, I saved my workout for after work that day. So I quickly change and obviously decided that the pink one would have to be tested first! My workout for the day was a 46 minute Burn Intervals workout that is part of the Chalean Extreme program which is produced by BeachBody.  This particular workout is intense as it alternates between high intensity cardio drills and strength training.

I am happy to report that by the end of the workout my BIC Band was still on my head! I did notice it creeping up in the back ever so slightly, but with a slight adjustment it was fine. Plus I felt extra pretty during my workout. And trust me, a little extra can’t hurt.


I can’t wait to pick more of these for myself, but I also can’t wait to buy some as gifts!!!


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