Friday Night Bites

I don’t know about you guys, but weekends tend to be the hardest on me when it comes to sticking to a healthy, clean eating plan. For some reason by the time Friday rolls around all I want to do is go out to dinner and have a big old glass bottle of wine. But since I joined the weight-loss challenge I am trying to remain more mindful and strong.

With that said, Friday rolled around and surprise, we both wanted to go out! We decided on our favorite little Asian restaurant close to home, Orchid. Trying to remain mindful, I did not order a dinner that came with white rice. Note: I am a sucker for white rice. I love to eat it in my house. I’d probably even eat it with a mouse. I like to eat it all the time, here or there. I’d honestly eat it anywhere!!

I order Pho, which I had never tried before, and Justin ordered Bahn Xeo. We were told they were two very traditional Vietnamese dishes. We were both really excited to give them a try.


We ended up being very happy with our selections. And, Pho does come with noodles made from rice, but I still don’t think it is the same. 🙂 I will definitely be ordering that again. And on a side note, I didn’t drink a bottle of wine either. Instead I opted to enjoy gin & tonic and kept the liquid calories a wee lower than normal.


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