No, This is my First Rodeo

And when I say a little bit…I mean a little bit! I didn’t grow up in a booming metropolis or anything, just a modest midwest river town just over 20 miles away from the Twin Cities. I wasn’t exposed to a lot of wild animals, farm animals, hay, or mud. Unless a wild animal to you is Minnesota’s state fish (Wally the Walleye to be exact) or mud that actually what we called muck on the St. Croix.

I did, however, visit my cousins in Wisconsin quite often and they had a lot more land than we did. They even had an abandoned barn on their property which turned out to be a great playhouse especially after it was forbidden from our Minneapolis born and raised mother. I always thought it was a lot darker there since street lights were almost nowhere to be found. And to be honest, I never felt comfortable knowing that I was more than five minutes away from the closest hospital. (I know that sounds weird, but we don’t have time to decode my childhood fears in this post.)

So when I decided I would join some friends and go to the World’s Toughest Rodeo, I even surprised myself a little. I like new experiences, and I needed some friend time, so why not…right? I borrowed a cowgirl hat from friend, and found a cute flannel on Target’s clearance rack for $11. Side note: Do cowpeople really wear that much flannel?

I didn’t have boots, but I wasn’t about to invest in something that expensive for a first time rodeo-er. The rest of my outfit was found in my closet and that was just gonna have to do. Luckily, I enjoy beer like a country girl, well, my Wisconsin cousin would probably disagree here, but I do what I can to hold my own.


While we enjoyed our beers we also enjoyed a bit of the rodeo. At first I was really excited. I have always loved how much country folk take pride in their country. As an Army Wife, and proud American, I loved the beginning. GO ‘MERICA!


And it is all fun and games until someone gets hurt! Some people say bull riding is the “most dangerous 8 seconds in sports.” (Some people = Wikipedia) Sure enough, a young cowboy’s head smacked a railing and was knocked out cold. Super scary to see him lying there, not moving at all. Luckily, the MC was able to keep us up to date and the cowboy was going to be just fine. Talk about scary though!


That is for me when things went south. We were able to see the holding area for the animals and that was probably a bad place for me to be. At first I thought there were friendly cows and got excited when they were about to come out. Then, I realized they were bulls. I know, that sounds really stupid, but some were spotted, just like cows! They had sheep so why wouldn’t they have cows? Either way, I could see the handlers getting the cowlike bulls all riled up in back. That made me feel bad for the animals.

And, to really top it off, let’s talk more about the sheep! Have you ever heard of Mutton Busting? Holy scary. I for sure thought this had to be illegal. Check out the video below. Strangest thing I have ever seen in my life.

After the Mutton Busting I sent a text to my “Wisconsin Cousin,” I should really give her a better name. And said, “I am definitely not country enough for a rodeo.” Her response…”I probably could have told you that.” I probably should check in with her a little more often.

I definitely had an experience that was new to me, and I am thankful for that. I think from here on out I will stick to Country Music to fulfill the little part of me that is a bit country. And unfortunately, I may never be able to say, “This isn’t my first rodeo.”

Have you ever been to a rodeo? What did you think?


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