Couple Workout

I came home with a monster head ache today. Unfortunately, “the crud” has been going around work, and I continue to do my best to avoid it! Lots of sleep, Emergen-C, working out, and eating well. So far (knock on wood) I have been successful. Hopefully it can stay that way.

We received a bit of snow today so I was hoping if I went outside to shovel the fresh air would help. I also downed a big glass of water since I was definitely slacking in the water department. Shoveling can be such an awesome arm and abs workout! Selby was freaking out the whole time I shoveled too. I totally should have video taped it!

Yesterday evening quickly turned into a “rest day” since I ended up writing three blog posts! Holy moly! I needed to make sure I worked out tonight so I didn’t fall out of my new routine. Luckily Justin agreed to workout with me too. I love it when that happens. Couples who workout together, stay together! Right?

Tonight we did a 46 minute video that is part of the Chalean Extreme series. Burn Intervals is an interval workout that incorporates cardio and muscle endurance. Needless to say, we were sweatin’ by the end!


I still have a bit of a head ache so the plan is to drink a lot more water and get to sleep early!


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