It Got Me

Wow, a week off left my page views awfully low. Better get back at it!!!

My week hiatus from blogging was due to an unfortunate cold. I just wasn’t able to escape it like I hoped. I was able to work through it, as the worst part hit me over a weekend, but I found myself doing two things: blowing my nose and sleeping. Working out was not a priority and frankly, I don’t think my body would have allowed it.

Since I wasn’t working out I needed to make sure I remained focused on eating healthy foods. The weight-loss challenge wasn’t going to take a break just because I couldn’t breathe through my nose.

Example of one of my lunches! Oatmeal with a banana and some veggies!


When last Monday came (I know, I am so behind on this post) I found myself a little nervous for the weigh-in and wondering, how much can snot possibly weigh. Sorry, kind of gross, but I did actually wonder that. Luckily, my focus on healthy eating allowed me to see continued results.

I lost another two pounds. Which brings total weight-loss to six pounds since starting the challenge. Yahoo!

My Mom lost over three pounds! Go Robbie! This was very good news considering her agitated state when we left the last weigh-in. She has now lost eight pounds and we are really hoping to see her reach 10 pounds this week!

I will report back after the weigh-in tomorrow!

The wallpaper on the phone. It helps keep me focused!

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