It’s Not Me, It’s Your Scale…

Well friends, I just need to get it out there. I gained a pound this week! I know what you are thinking. Did you have two helpings of Strawberry Shortcake on Valentine’s Day? Did you enjoy chips and guacamole more than once last week? Well…the answer is yes. YES!

I will be honest. I was not nearly as cautious as I have been throughout the challenge, and that made me a bit nervous for weigh-in last night. However, I had some pretty rock’n workouts, and I was hoping that would help my cause.



Turns out it didn’t. And I had to pay an extra dollar for my dang pound. How disappointing!!! But, there was some good news that came out of last night’s meeting. Someone tied for first place this week and that someone is my Mother!



She broke the 10 pound mark this week too! Yahoo! Way. To. Go! She is also in 3rd place over all for total percentage of body weight lost. I have a good feeling she will remain in the top three and will walk away with pretty sweet prizes when our challenge ends in two weeks.

I remained grumpy and disappointed about my results and insisted it was probably the scale and not me. 🙂 I have to blame someone, right? (Here is where my husband would jump in and say, “No. No you don’t.”) I decided to not let it get me down though. Or at least I tried.

By the time I got home my mood was fairly foul. The weather was so dang windy and cold, not to mention snowy, that by the time I got home I was ready for my pajamas. Until I realized we didn’t have any more food for Selby. Crud. So, my extra pound and I had to head back into the crummy weather so my puppy would stop looking at me with those hungry eyes. (Note: She had dinner. We just didn’t have enough for breakfast. I am not that bad of a Mommy.)



I have refocused my energies once again, and plan on getting myself back into the top three next week. (yes, I was in third place until this week when the leader board pretended like it had never met me.)

I was reminded of a cycle that I typically find myself trapped in. Whenever I lose a couple of pounds I get cocky and think I can eat like a runner. Why? I am not real sure, but at least I am more aware of the pattern now and can change it. Oh, and just so you know, you can’t out work a bad diet. I’ve tried.



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