And done!

This past week my Mom and I both thought we were a bit off.  Which isn’t the way you want to end the challenge. The only good thing about my off weeks these days are they aren’t nearly as bad as they used to be. Which means we are well on our way with this whole lifestyle change.

Last night we arrived and they did the full scan again. I was so excited to find out what my metabolic age changed to after seven weeks of hard work. If you remember from the first week I was quite shocked to find out I was 49!!! They weren’t telling us our overall results right away, because that would be announced at the end. However, I think I commented so much they told me what my age was…currently, 45. Four years off isn’t too bad, right?

While the team at Nutrition Revolution tallied up our stats, we enjoyed a healthy taco bar which consisted of shredded chicken and lots of fresh veggies. Yumm.

Before they announced the winners of the challenge we were all presented with a certificate that showed the percentage of total body weight lost (which is how they determine the winner), total pounds lost, and total inches lost. The top three with the highest percentage of total body weight lost win, as well as the person who lost the most inches. When I received my certificate I knew something was off. It said my total weight lost was 2.4lbs and my total percentage lost, which had to have been the total from the week. And was 4.9% total body weight which is where I was standing last week. Definitely confusing.

Next they crowned the winners. My Mom ended up in 2nd place overall! Yahoo! She didn’t lose any weight that week but was sitting at an impressive 15 pounds lost!!! She took home $180. The 3rd place winner had $120 and the 1st place winner received a total of $300!!! Crazy.

479762_10152661778785151_99563998_nAfter the winners were crowned I inquired about my sheet. It took a bit of time as there was some confusion with my stats, but it was finally worked out that I had lost a total of 9.6lbs overall! Just shy of my 10lb goal, but hey, I am very happy with that. And I was actually the 3rd place winner.

Man, crowns fit me so well.

Luckily, the original 3rd place winner knew there was something up with my results and hung around to hear the final verdict which was really nice of her. In the end, since she pointed out I was indeed in 3rd place, I split the money with her. So we both walked home with $60. Not too bad considering it cost $35 to join. I love getting my money back…and then some!!!

I will be doing an overall recap of my thoughts about the challenge in an additional post tomorrow. So stay tuned for more!!! Until then, here is our before pic taken the first night of our challenge with our after!




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