Little Late

I am a little late on last week’s post. Oops, I have always struggled with punctuality. With that said, let me get to it. As you now know, unless you are a new reader, I joined a weight-loss challenge with my Mom that had us checking in weekly for a weigh-in and coaching.

The week before, which is now two weeks ago, I did not have a great weigh-in. And by not great, I mean I gained a pound. Doh! Although I was bummed it gave me greater motivation to keep at it. Especially since I fell completely off the leader board. Not even in the top five!

As I prepared for the next weigh-in I did something that has definitely got to be in the top three things NOT TO DO if you are participating in a weight-loss challenge… go on a pub crawl! I know, you are thinking I am not that serious about getting back onto the leader board. However, I made sure I had an amazing workout the morning of and watched what I ate (literally stared at it, I swear it helps). Plus, the pub crawl included some physical challenges.

B Team (B stands for Best)
B Team (B stands for Best)

By the time Monday rolled around, I was guzzling water like no other hoping no one would notice the multiple beers I had two days prior. I was less than confident showing up Monday night, but I also knew I made the best choices I could, while still enjoying life and beers.  (yes, I think they go hand in hand.)

My Mom ended up in first place yet again and going passed the 15 pounds lost mark! This put her into 2nd place overall. Go MOM!!!


I lost a total of two pounds, pub crawl and all, to bring my total of weight lost to seven pounds! Finally, I had a place back in the top 5 and was fifth. Go ME!

My focus for the final week of the challenge was to reach 3rd place and reach the 10 pounds lost mark.

And as I proof read this someone might mistakenly read that title and think this is about to turn into a baby blog. Sorry, not today. Which reminds me, I should really update my Before Baby Bucket List.


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