Body Pump for the WIN!

Today I had fantastic plans to redeem my Groupon and take my first yoga class at Core Power Yoga. I have been really itching to get back into some sort of practice, but just haven’t found the right time or place yet. I used to go every Sunday and loved it, until where I was going cancelled the class after the instructor left.

I came across the Groupon and thought, why not? There isn’t a studio close to my house, but luckily there is one just a couple of blocks from work. I planned my day fairly well, minus the fact that I forgot a workout jacket, I only had my winter vest. Once I was in my tight tank and my yoga pants, the three block walk didn’t seem like such a good idea. (Yes, it is still below 40 degrees in MN right now.) I ended up driving, had major issues with parking, but made it into the studio 7-8 minutes early.

My goal was to be 15 minutes early as suggested when you are a first timer, but the new parking meters weren’t on my side today. I went in any way, since technically, I have been to the studio before- I was there for my friend Ashley’s teacher training. However, the gentleman checking people in for class was also not on my side.

I walked in to a very busy studio probably looking quite lost. I lined up to get checked in and the guy said, “C2 class?” No, that is not the beginners class. So I said, “No.” Then he told me to step aside because he needed to check people in as class was starting soon. Yes, the C2 class was about to start…so was the C1. So…I waited. Then realized, when the start of class rolled around, they would not want to hear that I have a Groupon and was still hoping to slip into class. So, I tucked my yoga mat in between my legs and sauntered back out to my car, which still had a full hour on the meter. Humpf.

A little discouraged from the less than welcoming experience from the meters to the studio, I decided to check out my local gym and hit up a Body Pump class. I was determined to still get a workout in. Plus, I have really been wanting to try Body Pump.

I got there extra early, asked someone to help me because I had no idea what I was doing and set up shop. I was also able to pull the instructor aside to let him know it was my first class. I highly recommend you ALWAYS do that when starting a new group fitness class. It makes you feel a lot less lost and silly…well, I still totally felt silly, but at least he knew why I doing what I was doing.



As it turns out, Body Pump is pretty tough. Especially for a weakling like myself. However, I have committed to adding more strength training to my routine and this was a fun and quick way to do it. It was a 45 minute class paired with some pretty great tunes. By the end I could take no more. My legs and arms were so wobbly I was concerned I wasn’t going to make it to my car! Talk about muscle fatigue!

I will definitely be going back to that class to give it another try. After all, the instructor recommended I give it at least three times before I really start to feel comfortable and know which weight I should be working with.

What is your favorite group fitness class? Have you ever tried Body Pump?


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