Happy Earth Day

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since Easter! Man, where have I been? I won’t bore you with a ton of details. I will just get straight to today’s post…Earth Day!

I like Earth Day. For me it is a feel good day and a great reminder to treat our land with respect. It is something so many of us forget to do…me included. It also provides a great reason to attempt yet another thing you have found on Pinterest.

Last night I set out to make some pretty amazing cupcakes I came across. I am doing my best to not consume everything I bake by myself so I thought I would share them with neighbors and coworkers. Little did I know, I was living with a cupcake fan that could rival my own love for them.

This is how they turned out. A complete Pinterest WIN! Especially compared to my most recent Pinterest FAIL!


I made them right before bed so I ended up leaving them on the counter to cool and let the frosting set. By the time morning came I woke up with a start thinking of my Earth shaped cupcakes. As I approached the hallway I saw something that resembled a ball…a ball that looked like an Earth shaped cupcake!!! I jumped straight for it and realized it was indeed one of my cupcakes. I quickly raced downstairs with Justin to find that half of my cupcakes were missing!!! Six in total.

We honestly stopped and thought, “Wait a minute. Could I have put half of them somewhere else?” Clearly we were still sleepy. Then we found this.


I recognize a cupcake coma when I see one. At first I was pretty upset. Then I kind of felt like this. We could not find where she ate them either. No sign of crumbs or cupcake paper.

I brought what I could to work, but unfortunately couldn’t unveil my sweet cupcakes to everyone in my department because there wasn’t enough…AND they fell off my car seat on the drive in and totally got smashed. Some still risked it and enjoyed them though. Or so they tell me. I am still pretty new.

When I got home I encountered a very energetic puppy. Still on a sugar high perhaps? She didn’t get sick any where which was a relief. We played some fetch with her ball and she was looking awfully cute. How can you even think about being mad at this face?


I felt bad leaving her but had to run to Stillwater quick. I was anxious to get back to my cupcake guzzling puppy and found this waiting for me.


Thank goodness I took the shoes out of the box and put them out of her reach. Although I am finding each day she can reach things I never thought she could. Needless to say she is about to be put up for sale. On the bright side it is within the Earth Day theme of buying used. 🙂  (Ps. Note the red spots. Clearly that is where she enjoyed her cupcakes.)

Has one of your pets ever eaten something you were excited about sharing?


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