It Is All About Perspective

Do you ever have those days that by the time you go to bed you feel like you had a really good day? I sure hope you do, and for me, today was one of them.

My day didn’t actually start off as I had planned. I wanted to go for a run before work, get there early, and then leave early enough to attend yoga at 4:30pm. None of those things happened. I had a really busy, but productive day at work. So I guess that was ok.

Then I saw this…



It is all about perspective people.

I had a lovely lunch date with my husband who was also working downtown. I tried Thai Iced Tea for the first time, thinking I’d have a “healthier” drink. Then I got this:


Straight up creamy goodness. (There also appears to be something green in my glass, but that is neither here nor there.)

Then this happened:

photo-113We had been tracking the Popsicle truck on Twitter all day. They must have been reading our tweets and ended up outside the Mill City Museum. They even tweeted me back letting me know they were there. It’s the little things in life!

By the time I got home I was fairly wiped, but my friend Kali text me and said she wanted to meet for dinner. Instead of lying on the couch playing Candy Crush liked I planned, I threw on my running shoes and ran two miles. My legs were still sore from my 3.1 miles on Monday, but my speed was 29 seconds faster per mile. I will take it!



Then I hustled off (after a quick shower) to meet two of my gal pals for dinner. Nothing beats a little cardio and then some girl time to round off this popsicle, Thai food, busy Wednesday.

I hope you guys found some joy in your Wednesday as well!!!



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