Mud Run

Yesterday Justin and I teamed up with another couple to participate in the Mud Factor mud run. I did the Dirty Girl Mud Run last year, but no one else from our team had done a mud run before. I filled them in on a little of what I expected the run to be. While some of my predictions were correct, it was quite different from the Dirty Girl race.

Our race course was in the middle of a field in Ham Lake, MN. We had record low temperatures this weekend, and I don’t think our high even reached 60 degrees yesterday. That is insane for the last weekend in July!!!

After checking-in we fastened  our bandanas and put on our temporary tattoos with some seriously sketchy, damp towels. Even Justin was surprised I was using them. But when at a mud run, you do what mud runners would do! After getting all of our gear on we waiting patiently for the run to start so we could warm up our bodies.

Team: We got the runs!!! (Adam, Jenn, Me and Justin)

The pre-race wasn’t rocking like I am used to from other races. There wasn’t any music to pump you up. There were only dark clouds rolling in towards us! Once we got started we were ready for some fun in the mud (because we clearly weren’t going to get any sun!).

The first part of the trail was through a grassy field. The long grass had been flattened and it almost felt like you were running on a trampoline. It was really bizarre and something I totally wasn’t used to. It was tough to navigate which part of the trail had a secret hole under the grass, and we heard multiple people say they hoped they wouldn’t break their ankle! It definitely worked my legs in a completely different way and made me feel incredibly out of shape!

There was a lot more running than my last mud run, but we did encounter a couple of mud pools, downed trees, a climbing wall, cargo net, slip n’ slide, and a few other obstacles. All the obstacles were challenging in their own right, but everyone on our team conquered them without fear! Go team, “We got the runs!!!”

Halfway through the race it started to rain which made everything a little bit colder. However, it wasn’t raining hard enough to make the soft sand that the second half of the race trail was covered with harder. Kudos to the beach runners out there! That shit is tough!

Overall, I ended up walking a little bit more than I thought I would have, but it is making me consider adding some trail runs to my training schedule.

By the time the race ended, my legs were feeling spent, and I was ready for a HOT shower. The clean up accommodations weren’t quite as extensive as the last mud run I did, but the water was significantly warmer. We rinsed some of the major mud chunks off of us, but just decided to throw down some towels and just shower back at our house.

We were also able to donate the shoes we used if we wanted too. I was happy to see that there was a group there who would take all the muddy shoes, would clean them up and donate them to people in need.

Can you tell the boys are BFFs?

After we got cleaned up we were all so incredibly hungry we ruined all benefits of the run and had a massive lunch with yummy drinks. We had so much fun getting together though it was worth the cold and the over indulging. We don’t often get to see Jenn and Adam, but when we do, we always feel so blessed to be able to call them our friends!



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