Where Does The Time Go?

I have two questions for you…
1. Anyone else shocked that we are almost through the first two months of 2014?
2. Anyone surprised that instead of writing a literature review I am blogging?

I can’t believe February is almost over. A lot has been happening in our lives which is the only excuse I have for my absence. The first two months of the new year kept us busy and consisted of… A brief visit to the hospital for my Dad (he is fine), a not as brief visit to the hospital for Justin’s Mom (she will be fine but isn’t running at 100% yet), my first work trip (to sunny Fort Lauderdale), Justin away for drill, second semester of my MBA program started, LOTS of snow, a Scandal binge, cabin weekend, Justin Timberlake concert (awe, yeah!), 2014 winter Olympics (Justin LOVES the Olympics), and a vacation!

Phew. Things sure have felt nutso, but we have been keeping our heads above water (water in the form of snow) and are having a good time. I am already making progress in some areas of my 30 Before 3o list, but in other areas, not so much. I will provide an update later this week.

Until then, here are some pictures from the last seven weeks.


Photo from Ashley


No update is complete without Selby





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