Amazing Pizza

I don’t say this a lot, but I had some seriously amazing pizza this last week. I’ve never been a huge pizza person (insert surprised gasp here), and now that I am livin’ the gluten-free lifestyle, my pizza consumption has dropped even more.

Last Wednesday we met a group of our friends at a new, local pizza joint. I have been friends with these crazy kids since high school and before, and we were celebrating a visit from a friend who now lives in Maryland. My friend Kali picked out Olive’s Fresh Pizza Bar. Kali and her husband have visited their location in Marine on St. Croix and were excited to hear that they opened up a new spot in White Bear Lake. When we pulled up Justin and I were shocked that we hadn’t noticed it before. They opened just around Thanksgiving!!! But I guess it isn’t all that surprising though since we didn’t take a whole lot of downtown strolls over the extremely cold winter.

I always like to check menus before I go somewhere new so in my usual fashion I spent a little time stalking the restaurant online. After reading some of their Facebook feed I found out that Wednesday night they were debuting their gluten-free crust! JACK POT! I figured I was in for a night of dressing free salad, but it looks like I’d be joining my friends in the pizza consumption.

The set up is a little different than some other restaurants and promotes a casual dining environment for you to enjoy the gourmet woodfire goodness. After catching up for a few minutes, we all scoured the menu a little more and placed our orders at the bar. I ordered the Farmer’s Market on gluten-free crust and Justin ordered Olive’s House Pizza. The others that were ordered, like the Caprese, also looked amazing.

Farmer’s Market (Gluten Free Crust)

I don’t think anyone realized how big they would be, because we ended up with a ridiculous amount of pizza. My pizza, however, was much smaller but that is typical for gluten-free. It was a perfect size for me though. I gave away a few pieces to some who were intrigued by its lack of gluten, but other than that I devoured the entire thing. It. Was. So. Good. And like I said, I don’t say that often about pizza unless I am referring to Pizza Luce.

However, I have had Pizza Luce’s gluten-free pizza and Olive’s Fresh was better. (I can’t believe I just typed that). I definitely prefer a thinner crust and Olive’s Fresh gave me just that. There was nothing slightly weird about it, which I sometimes find myself saying about GF things, but instead it was a slam dunk of deliciousness.

So, GF or not, CHECK THIS PLACE OUT! Everyone, even the glutenous people, loved every bite. Go, right now, and invite us to join you! 🙂


March Craft Day

Sometimes all you need is a craft day with some lady friends to get your creative juices flowing. Yesterday I spent the day at my friend Diane’s house. We now kindly refer to her as DIY-ane because her and her husband are always coming up with super creative and fun projects.

She had a couple of her neighbors over (yes, she built a house and ended up in a fantastic neighborhood with other young, hip, and creative women) and a few of her other friends were invited as well, including ME! We spent the morning beating and staining wood, which turned out to be a great stress reliever, and painting some unique frames.

Craft Day photo-134


While everything dried we made a trip to the holy land of DIY, Hobby Lobby! I had never been before and it was quite overwhelming at first, especially as we attempted to navigate the aisles with seven curious ladies. Our task was to find all the items needed to finish our projects for the day. My personal task was also to walk out of there alive and without spending a fortune. I think we were there for about an hour and a half and all left smiling!

photo 1


After our return to Diane’s we enjoyed pizza, bloody marys and mimosas while we completed our projects. I think overall everyone was super impressed with how theirs turned out.

photo 2-3

My 30 Before 30 list includes one craft a month (#11) so I definitely nailed March, and since I think I missed February I will count this for that too. 🙂

If you have any super fun crafting ideas please share! I am definitely in the mood to do more especially as the weather gets nicer. I look forward to DIY-ane hosting another crafting day as well since she is such a good teacher and obviously inspires us all to be creative DIYers.