Easter/Birthday Weekend

I wanted to share a few highlights from the last two weeks. They went by extremely fast since there was a holiday, birthday and a five-day business trip all back-to-back.

Justin and I decided to host Easter this year so we could see family the week of my birthday (my birthday was the Thursday after Easter). It ended up being an absolutely gorgeous day so we were able to eat outside and play some yard games.


EasterWe enjoyed a mostly gluten-free Easter lunch that consisted of ham with pineapple, a poppy seed salad, potatoes and a yummy gluten-free birthday cake. I also made some fun, Pinterest inspired Jesused Eggs (you can’t call them deviled eggs on Easter, right?)



Some people thought they looked kinda gnarly, but let me tell ya, they sure tasted good. After games and plenty of food, we did a mini Easter egg hunt for little Lainey to wrap up the weekend.