Whoa Baby!

Most of you probably saw via Instagram or Facebook, but I recently announced that Justin and I are expecting our first child. It has been a pretty surreal experience thus far, and uttering the words, “I’m having a baby!” still seems a little awkward.


I found out I was pregnant towards the end of June while Justin was at annual training (for Army) in Kansas. I found out the Tuesday before he arrived home on Friday. I decided to wait to tell him until we were face-to-face so the secret stayed with just me…and Selby. I took about seven pregnancy tests throughout the next couple of days leading up to him coming home just to be sure. I also found myself checking back on the tests to see if they still said positive, just in case they did anything tricky and change a few minutes, hours or days later. Turns out, they don’t.

When Justin got home I picked him up from a local armory and we went out for pizza. Justin loves pizza. Once I parked the car I gave him a card and he assumed it was a nice welcome home gesture. Which, I suppose it kind of was. On the front of the card were different monkeys swinging in trees and it said, “Have you been monkeying around lately?” The answer was pretty obvious.

We both got a little emotional, he was a little shocked, but ultimately super excited. Right off the bat I think he wanted to tell everyone we encountered. He was 100% excited. Meanwhile, sleepy me watching him have a glass of wine was about 60% terrified and 40% excited. I quickly explained to him the reasons for waiting to tell people and we both agreed we’d wait until after our first appointment.

Justin told a coworker three days later.

His two bosses were a couple of weeks after that, and basically every day I’d ask him, “Who did you tell?” He actually did pretty good, but he is a horrible liar, which I guess I can’t totally fault him for. It did seem weird to lie to people for quite a few weeks or refrain from sharing our joy. It is definitely a lot more exciting when people actually know. I am thankful we had an appointment at 10 weeks and told our families right after that.

I will also post about how we told our family and friends in the next few days. For now, it is almost my bedtime. Just kidding, I took a long nap today so I am good for a few more hours. 😉


3 thoughts on “Whoa Baby!”

  1. Congrats!!! I am so excited for you two! I still remember being 7 weeks preggo with Grace and Adam and I were at your place for a football game following an IMAX movie at the science museum. Remember?!?!?. It was soooooo hard not to tell you guys. Hope you are feeling well and that the extreme fatigue that erly pregnancy plagues people with lifts soon. Hugs! I love chatting about babies and pregnancy stuff, so hollar my way if you want to 😉

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